Idris kissed Becky's forehead

Idris and Becky were both studying for a masters in human rights in Norway when they met. “Neither of us are from Norway but we both happened to be on the same course,” says Becky.  “It was the first class get together and I was a bit nervous, not knowing anyone and it being a new country. Idris had seen me wondering where to sit and asked me to sit with him and a few others. We started talking that day and never stopped really!”

Becky's wedding shoes and perfume

"We both have the same passion; to save the world. When we were together time flew and I never wanted it to end. Then the pandemic came and we only had each other. We got to know each other so quickly and went through so much together in those two years, as well as falling in love and completing our masters. We both knew we were soul mates.”

Becky's bridal bouquet

A joint decision

The couple had been together for a year and a half, and known each other for two years, when they  decided to get married. “It really was a joint decision and our engagement was one of the best days of my life,” says Becky.

“Idris told me soon after we met that I was the woman he wanted to marry and I could just let him know when I was ready. So, after we finished our studies, I told him!"

Becky's bridesmaids helping her get into her wedding dress

“Then we went into Oslo and we had the best day choosing the engagement ring and wandering around the city celebrating. It was the height of Covid, so it was just the two of us, but that made it really special. We called our mums from Oslo Castle (where Idris placed my ring on me) and that was quite emotional. We were both so happy.”

Becky on the morning of her wedding having make up done

Shopping for the dress

“I found WED2B online initially but I remember walking by the Glasgow store many times when I was a student there,” says Becky.  “So, I decided to fly home to find my dress, as I needed the help of my mum, sister and two best friends.”

"I flew home in May, just four months before the wedding. I was really nervous, as I’m not very confident and I’m not really a ‘dressy’ kind of girl. We arranged to go to WED2B first and then two other shops that, little did I know, we would not need.”

Becky and her bridesmaids drinking bubbly

A magical experience

“At WED2B we were greeted by the kindest girl and seen right away,” says Becky.  “We were then assigned a staff member and a trainee too. They were so lovely, reassuring, gentle and encouraging. It was honestly one of the best days, aside from the wedding, of course! We had so much fun. Not only that but the staff were really expert.”

Becky's WED2B wedding dress

"The dress I chose was not one I would have chosen for myself but the girls suggested it, and it was perfect. They were also super creative; as I don't like showing too much skin. My dress was quite low cut at the front and they suggested changing it and showed me how. This meant I could then take it to a tailor and follow their amazing advice! They were also extremely accommodating. They made space for my bridesmaids to come back later to try on their dresses. What a wonderful day! I always thought I would hate wedding dress shopping but it was magical at WED2B.”

Bride embracing her mum on the morning of her wedding

A dream dress… with pockets!

“I chose Gina,” says Becky.  “The material was satin and so beautiful. It’s a completely classic and timeless dress. Also, it was also quite an Italian style, so it suited my Rome wedding. There were millions of other reasons why I chose it, too. It was comfortable, it had pockets – can you believe that – and it was a stunning ivory colour. When I wore it we all knew it was ‘The One’.”

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Groom having his bow tie fastened ready for his wedding

A romantic Rome wedding

“Our wedding venue was a chapel in central Rome,” says Becky.  “We both live in Norway but we’re from different countries. So, we decided to get married somewhere that was neither of our countries but would be sunny and beautiful.”

Bride and Groom in their breath-taking chapel ceremony

“Our budget was very low, as we recently graduated, so it was a family effort with everyone helping out. We found the chapel for our Rome wedding through a priest my family know in Glasgow and it was stunning. We had a weekend-long wedding and got married on 17th September. It meant our family could travel and it was sunny, but not too hot.”

Bride and Groom being married by a priest in Rome

The big day

“The day went by like lightning, it was so fast,” says Becky.  “We rented a villa on Airbnb just outside of Rome City centre and it had a few small cottages. This meant that all the girls could get ready in one building and all the boys could get ready in the other building. I planned the whole day myself, no wedding planner or anything. So, it was very personal and special for us.”

Bride and groom holding hands and smiling at one another

“I got ready in the morning with my mum, sister, auntie and two best friends. We spent the whole morning running around, laughing, drinking Prosecco and getting excited. The cars came to collect the boys and my mum at 1pm and then ours came at 1.30pm to take us to the chapel.”

Couple's Chapel wedding with their family and friends

Driving through the city

“Driving through Rome was beautiful and so many people were clapping as my car drove past,” says Becky. “I decided to walk myself down the aisle and my cousin, who did the flowers, met us in front of the chapel with the bouquets. I was nervous but more excited to see everyone that we hadn't seen in so long. It was so special that they came all the way to Italy for us. I felt instantly calm when I met my now husband at the altar. We also had the children in our family do some readings."

Bride and Groom walking out of their Chapel wedding venue

“Idris is Kurdish and his mum couldn’t come, due to the war in their home country. So we recorded the ceremony for her, which was very special and emotional for us. My 92-year-old Gran also travelled all the way from Scotland to be there as well. There was not a dry eye in the house!”

Bride and Groom posing in front of the iconic landmarks of Rome

A villa reception

“After the ceremony, all 33 guests took mini buses back to the villa reception while my husband and I went into the streets of Rome for a photoshoot,” says Becky.  “It was beautiful, with strangers saying congratulations to us and asking for pictures. I thought it would be embarrassing but we were just so happy to be married!”

Bride and Groom walking hand in hand through confetti

“When the guests arrived it was quite windy, so the caterers had to move the tables and decorations inside. Luckily, we had a nice big veranda in case of rain but the sun stayed out. And my brilliant bridesmaids fixed everything.”

Bride and Groom sitting holding hands

“Everyone cheered with their sparkling wine and confetti when we got back,” says Becky.  “I then tossed my bouquet before we made our way to the tables for speeches. We served a massive Middle Eastern buffet and then more drinks and desserts. The wind stopped and we had our dancing outside in the garden, which was beautiful.”

Bride laughing while throwing her bouquet to her wedding guests

“The first dance song was ‘For You’ by Seinabo Sey, which represents everything that we mean to each other. We then had a mix of Scottish and Kurdish dancing, and even the waiters joined in.”

Bride standing with her wedding veil blowing in the wind
Bride and Groom standing in front of some iconic Rome Landmarks

A Rome wedding with a multicultural theme

“The theme for our Rome wedding was multicultural, as we’re both from different countries,” says Becky.  “The table decorations had colours from both countries and the food and drinks were also a mix, as was the music. We also made our own playlist for the music and involved our wedding guests too.”

Bride posing while holding her wedding bouquet

"We hadn't seen our families in over a year and my husband hadn't met many of my family, so it was so special to do that on our wedding day.”

Groom standing with a floral buttonhole in his suit

The best bits…

“One of the most memorable moments was definitely walking through the streets of Rome after getting married,” says Becky.  “Another one was seeing everyone crying during the ceremony! And definitely having our families and friends dance together all night.”

Bride and Groom holding hands while facing one another

My top tips…

“Keep things simple,” says Becky. “Lots of people will suggest things but remember that you're getting married because you love one another and this is your day. Whether you want a donut wall or just want to go to a simple restaurant after the wedding, it’s your choice. Our wedding wasn’t simple, as we did it in a foreign country, but we still kept it personal by doing everything by ourselves. It was a lot of work but it was so rewarding on the day and afterwards.”

Bride and Groom embracing while the sun shines down on them

Becky and Idris’s Dream Team

Photographer: Alessandra Pezza

Wedding dresses: WED2B

Caterer: Hummus Town

Hair and makeup: Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome

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