Co-ordinating, stylish and with excellent quality and fit, our Infinite Collection of bridesmaids dresses offers endless styling options for your maids. And now, to give you even more choice, we’ve introduced a selection of fabulous new colours too!

Lets get creative

The range of stylish new colours have been carefully chosen to work perfectly together, so you can pick just one or mix and match styles and shades to your heart’s content. And, with so much choice, you’re guaranteed to find a design, colour and finish that every single bridesmaid will absolutely adore.


Choose your look

Our low prices, from just £99 / €109, may seem cheap compared to traditional bridesmaids’ ranges but every single dress comes with the excellent quality and fit that WED2B is renowned for. Our bridesmaids' dresses are on display in stores for you to try on. Once you’ve chosen simply place your order in store. Dresses are made to order and will be ready to take home within 16 weeks.

Excited? Then read on for an exclusive look at our beautiful new colours…


Stylish jet black bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - 'Eden', 'Bella' and 'Thea' Jet Black - 'Eden', 'Bella' and 'Thea'


Bang on trend, this colour is perfect for a chic city do or a stylish monochrome theme. The epitome of elegance, your maids will love this contemporary look. And, even better, they’ll easily be able to wear these dresses again after the big day. No one ever had too many little black dresses!


Romantic lavender purple bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - Bella, 'Thea' and 'Haven' Lavender Purple - 'Bella, 'Thea' and 'Haven'


Soft and romantic, our lavender purple bridesmaids' dresses are super flattering. It’s a great colour for a rustic chic barn wedding or for an elegant manor house in the countryside.


Hot pink bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - 'Eden' and 'Bella' Hot Pink - 'Eden' and 'Bella'


Ensure your bridal party stand out from the crowd with these bridesmaids dresses in zingy bright pink. This look is oh-so-fashionable and will add a glorious splash of colour to any big day.


Sophisticated dark green bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - 'Haven', 'Eden' and 'Thea' Dark Green - 'Haven', 'Eden' and 'Thea'


This colour is truly elegant. The deep green looks fantastic at a refined traditional celebration but is also equally at home at a more contemporary do, full of modern whites and greens.


Light blue bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - Haven, Bella and Thea Light Blue - 'Haven', 'Bella' and 'Thea'


Cool fresh blues look dreamy under summer skies or mix ’n' match with our silver grey for a divine winter-themed wedding.


Elegant plum purple bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - Haven and Eden Plum Purple - 'Haven' and 'Eden'


Rich and vibrant, this deep jewel shade is just perfect for a stylish autumn or winter celebration.


Fashionable mint green bridesmaids dresses

new bridesmaids dresses - Thea and Eden Mint Green - 'Thea' and 'Eden'


And finally, we have this vibrant mint green. Fresh and exciting, it’s the colour for weddings this season!


Mix it up

And why just pick one when shade you can try another key trend and mix ’n’ match? Dress your maids in a selection of complementary colours and styles for a bang-on-trend mismatched look. It’s a perfect choice, as they’ll be happy wearing a style and colour that suits them and you’ll be happy because they look amazing! We’ve created a few different colour combinations below to inspire you…

new bridesmaids dresses - Bella, Thea and Haven Plum Purple 'Bella', Hot Pink 'Thea' and Lavender Purple 'Haven'

Cool and crisp

new bridesmaids dresses - Eden, Haven and Thea Light Blue 'Eden', Mint Green 'Haven' and Silver Grey 'Thea'


Here we’ve mixed light blue, mint green and elegant grey for a beautiful mix with a fresh spring feel.


Purple haze

new bridesmaids dresses - Eden, Haven and Thea Deep Purple 'Eden', Plum Purple 'Haven' and Lavender Purple 'Thea'


Alternatively, for a winter wedding or modern city event, combine our striking deep purple with plum purple and touch of lighter lavender for a sophisticated colour mix.


True tartan

new bridesmaids dresses - Haven, Eden and Bella Dark Green 'Haven', Jet Black 'Eden' and Plum Purple 'Bella'


If all black is a bit too dark, lighten things up with a mix of jet black, dark green and plum purple for an array of autumnal tones.

And finally, don’t forget the little ones. We also have a selection of very pretty flower girl dresses in a range of super cute styles to keep your mini maids happy too!


Designed in the UK, the Infinite bridesmaid collection is available exclusively in WED2B stores nationwide, in sizes 6 to 26. Please check with our store or customer care teams for ordering timescales. No appointment needed. Find your nearest WED2B store here or for more inspiration head over to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter