Have you ever wondered how we design and create all our beautiful dresses? Well, for the first time, our design team are giving you an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes to reveal how our stunning gowns are created. Read on to discover how your dream dress becomes a reality…

Dresses, dresses and more dresses

We design all of WED2B’s dresses right here in the UK. Behind the scenes we’re constantly following all the latest catwalks trends, researching product data and, most importantly of all, listening to feedback from brides. It really is a dream job! Then we pick out the key trends for each season and get to work, which is where the real fun begins.

behind the scenes - designing

Creating a flattering silhouette

We start by mixing and matching different skirt toiles with different bodices to create brand new silhouettes. These form the base of each dress and every style needs to be figure-flattering and super comfortable to wear.

Behind the scenes at WED2B

Swathes of luxurious fabrics

At WED2B we’re also known for our luxurious fabrics and high-quality designs, so it’s important that the material we choose is absolutely perfect. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly sourcing new fabrics to suit each season’s trends and matching them to our exclusive collections. Our dresses also feature plenty of fabulous embellishments and we absolutely love sourcing the glitter tulles, beading, sequins and lace appliqués that really make our gowns unique.

Fabric choosing, behind the scenes at WED2B

Hand drawing every detail…

We sketch all of our designs by hand in the UK and each sketch is carefully crafted to make sure it sits perfectly with one of our collections. For example, our Anna Sorrano range is all about classic elegance while our Heidi Hudson designs have more of a bohemian feel. We always have this in mind when we start to draw.

Sketching new design at behind the scenes with WED2B

That all-important touch of magic…

Then it’s all about the embellishments! Our playful Viva Bride collection is known for its sparkle, so these dresses have plenty of glitz, beading and sequins. The dresses in our Signature Collection are designed to make a fashion statement, so you can expect plenty of on-trend shimmer! Alternatively, our sophisticated Anna Sorrano range is all about understated chic. For this collection, we might add just a few subtle hints of sparkle here and there. 

Incredible beading work at behind the scenes with WED2B

Making the design a reality…

Once we have a finished sketch we use fashion tape and a mannequin to work out where the seams, neckline and other details will go. This is when the real magic happens and each design starts to come to life!

Working on new designs behind the scenes at WED2B

Layer upon layer of elegant lace

We then layer on different types of lace, such as Chantilly or Guipure, by hand, until we get the look just right.

Lace placement behind the scenes at WED2B

The last few finishing touches

Then it starts to get technical. We use a computer program to refine the lace, so we can add or take away layers until we’re happy. We only stop when the whole team is sure that the design is perfect in every way. This will be one lucky bride’s dream dress so it has to be right!

Making sure every dress fits like a dream

We pride ourselves on the fit and quality of every WED2B dress, so a real-life fit model tries every design to make sure it fits perfectly. We need to know that each and every dress will look stunning and be super comfortable to wear.

Working on lace placement behind the scenes at WED2B

Fabulous accessories

Once the design is absolutely perfect and the dresses are in production we get to play with accessories! We match each design to the ideal pieces from our Amixi collection, such as underskirts, tiaras and veils, so we can inspire brides to try different looks. We also photograph each outfit on a model so you can see it on our website from all angles.

Photographing new designs behind the scenes at WED2B

Your dream dress is ready and waiting…

We’re always super excited when the finished dresses arrive in our warehouse. Each one is checked, to ensure it meets our high standards and steamed before being put into a protective bag. Finally, the dresses are shipped to WED2B stores across the country and our job is done. Then each dream dress is just ready and waiting to meet its perfect bride. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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