We always ask for their top wedding tips as well, things that went really well or things they wish they’d done differently. 

Samantha and Nathan Image: Pearce Wedding Photography 

These suggestions often range from the wacky to the wonderful but they’re always helpful. After all, who better to offer advice on your wedding planning than the brides who’ve been there and done it? So, to help you plan your perfect day, we’ve collated 10 of our favourite top wedding tips below, with everything from travel tips to music suggestions. Enjoy!

1. Limit travel time and stress

Nearly 40% of our brides (according to our latest wedding survey) start the day at their venue, which may be a good idea…

“Get ready at the wedding venue. It took so much stress away to just be there and not have to think of traffic and ruining the hair and makeup,” says Maria. (Maria and Josh)

Maria and Josh Image: Rebekah Molloy

2. Spend money on the things you love… and breathe

The majority of our brides spend between £3,000 and £11,000 on their wedding, so it’s important to use that money wisely… 

Don’t spend too much on things people won’t remember,” says Lauren. “Also, remember that what you want is just down to you and your partner. Don’t stress about the small things on the day, as you won’t notice. Have some time alone if you can, and ultimately try and stay calm if you’re feeling nervous. I got very nervous during the vows and thought I said my husband’s name wrong. So, just try and breathe!” (Lauren and Chris)

Lauren and Chris Image: Treasure and Heart Photography 

3. Invest in great music and dancing

Our latest survey also found that nearly 18% or our brides book a live band, and Bethany think’s it’s a great investment…

“Definitely book a live band,” says Bethany. “It is 100% worth the money. Secondly, get a bustle added to your dress if you have a long train, so you can dance the night away. Spend money on the food and drink (it’s what people remember). Finally, just have the best day. Some little things might not go to plan, but on the day it really doesn’t matter!” (Bethany and Thomas)

Bethany and Thomas Image: Weddings by Tom

4. Take some time out and get a videographer

“Take half an hour with your partner to just take in the moment,” says Victoria.

“Enjoy celebrating with your guests and try not to let all the photo taking get in the way of enjoying your day. Keep guest numbers smaller than you would think, you barely get to see everyone on the day, as there’s so much going on! I also definitely recommend getting a videographer to capture the moments you don't get to see.” 

Check out our suppliers page for great videographers near you.

Victoria and David Image: Fiona J Kerr

5. Eat breakfast

Victoria also thinks a good breakfast is key… “Order your breakfast in for the morning when you're getting ready. You need a full stomach for the day ahead.” (Victoria and David)

Victoria and David Image: Fiona J Kerr

6. Use a spreadsheet

“Use a spreadsheet,” says Jennifer. “It was so easy for tracking everything we'd booked, outstanding balances and for checking costs. I couldn't have done it without Excel. I also just really enjoyed planning it, even with a venue going bust and a global pandemic, I didn't really get stressed about it at all. In fact, I feel a little lost now I don't have to plan it anymore!” (Jennifer and Adam)

Jennifer and Adam Image: Jack Aldridge

Not a fan of Excel? Then don’t miss our handy Budget Planner, for stress-free planning, top wedding tips and budgeting.

7. Don’t stress (if possible)

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” says Samantha. “Loads of things didn't go to plan. For example, our tipi company didn't supply lots of items, but nobody noticed. People also don't remember what table decorations you had or whether your bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly matched the groom's tie!” (Samantha and Nathan)

Samantha and Nathan Image: Pearce Wedding Photography 

Let us help too… Check out our beautiful tie sets, which are designed to perfectly match our bridesmaids dresses, so you have one less thing to worry about.

8. Book time off, walk slowly and drink water

“Walk slower when walking down the aisle!” says Ellie. “It’s the moment you’ve dreamt of for such a long time, so take it in. Please talk with your suppliers about what you want. There were a few mistakes made, which none of the guests noticed, but perhaps if I was more pushy it wouldn’t have happened. Book the week off work before your wedding. I had one day off beforehand and was so stressed. Lastly, on the day, have someone designated to give you water to drink. It’s a life saver!” (Ellie and Daryl)

Ellie and Daryl Image Bligh & Guy

9. Have fun, even if it means getting your dress dirty

“Don’t be scared to get your dress dirty (mine was filthy),” says Lisa.

“It’s amazing what dry cleaners can do! Just enjoy strutting around like a celebrity!” (Lisa and Scott

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Lisa and Scott Image: Ezra Studios

Then, afterwards, take a look at our suppliers page for companies who can get those stains out in a jiffy!

10. And, finally, if it all seems a bit too much… elope!

“Elope and save yourself the stress!” says Hannah. “Less is sometimes more, especially when it comes to guests and wedding politics. The whole day was just about us two. No frills.” (Hannah and Lee)

Hannah and Lee Image: Harley Hall Photography

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