When it comes to our dress shapes, A-lines are aways the most popular, as it’s a classic bridal looks that flatters every figure. And a slim A-line wedding dress has all the brilliant attributes of its bigger sister, just with a little less volume. 

So, below, we’ve asked our bridal experts for their top tips on why a slim A-line wedding dress might be the one for you. Plus, for more brilliant shape advice check out our Essential Guide to Wedding Dress Shapes, too.

Wedding dress featured: Ariya

1. It’s just as flattering as an A-line

A line styles work beautifully by balancing the figure. They pull in at the waist before flaring out below, which visually creates a neat waistline. They also flow prettily over hips and thighs without clinging.

A slim A-line wedding dress does exactly the same, just with a little less volume. So, it’s perfect if you’d prefer a less flared skirt but don’t want to go as far as something fitted. Try adding a belt too, to highlight your waist even more.

2. It’s very easy to wear

One of the main things we love about a slim A-line is that it’s just so easy to wear. The slimmer skirt means there’s less weight and fewer layers to get in the way of mingling, chatting and then hitting the dance floor in style.

Wedding dress featured: Mylos

3. It’s great for travelling…

If you’re planning a wedding abroad, this is the perfect dress to travel with. Less material and often a smaller train means it’s much lighter and easier to transport than bigger styles. Don’t forget we offer breathable fabric dress bags and specialist boxes too, which are ideal for keeping your dress in beautiful condition while you’re on the move.

4. …and hot weather

As above, fewer layers means this is a great choice if you’re heading somewhere tropical or for a warm European city. It’s also a good option if you’re marrying at the height of the UK summer. The light, breathable layers will help to keep you cool, calm and collected.

Wedding dress featured: Sidonie

5. Perfect for a relaxed boho feel

If you want your wedding day to be relaxed and fairly informal then you need a dress to match this laid-back atmosphere. A slim A-line won’t restrict your movement and should be comfortable and easy to wear all day long, making you feel just as chilled out as your guests. 

6. A budget-friendly choice

Finally, a slim A-line can be a little more budget friendly than other styles. Less material generally means a slightly more affordable price, and our slim A-lines start from just £499. This also means they make a great second dress if, for example, you’re having separate legal ceremony followed by a party at a later date. Plus, it’s a fab shape if you just want something more relaxed for the evening do!

We hope we've helped you decide if a slim A-line wedding dress is the one for you. For more advice take a look at our handy guides here to help you decide what shape suits you best. Plus, our friendly bridal experts (both online and instore) are great at helping brides find the perfect dress, so drop in and see them today.

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