Heart iced cookies as a gift for Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year (apart from your upcoming wedding!). But, when you’re bogged down with wedding planning, it can be easy to forget what really matters and even why you said ‘yes’ in the first place!

Well, we’re here to help. Below we’ve come up with a few cute ideas to help you celebrate your love. They include a touch of wedding planning (the best bits), a little bit of romance and plenty of reminders why this is the year you say ‘I Do’…

1. If music be the food of love

Alice and Dale's first dance
Alice and Dale

Why not tick off one of the more romantic wedding planning jobs and get your big day tunes sorted? Valentine's evening is the perfect night to light some candles and cosy up in your living room to choose your first dance song. Play all the tunes you love and spend some time reminiscing. Then, when that’s done, you could work on the rest of your playlist, too.

2. Meaningful blooms

Close up photo og Hayley holding her colourful wedding bouquet with a disney element added in,
Hayley and Jonathan

Flowers are always a great gift but why not make them extra special? Ask your local florist to make up a special bouquet that includes the flowers you’ll be having at your wedding, tied with a ribbon that matches the wedding colours.

3. Make some travel plans

Jennifer and Colin

Where will you go for your honeymoon? Whether it’s two nights in a local hotel or somewhere further afield, you could spend a lovely evening poring over a world map and getting excited about all the possibilities. You could even match the food to your plans, too. For example, why not severe a tasty Thai curry if you’re heading east or a delicious bottle of French wine if you hope to get the Eurostar to Paris?  

4. The countdown begins…

Bride and groom holding glasses of prosecco with raspberries in
Maria and Josh

Show your partner you’re looking forward to the big day just as much as they are with an engraved gift. A watch, a necklace, champagne glasses or similar, engraved with the words ‘Only xx days to go’, will go down a treat.

5. Take a look back

Take a look at photos from over the years on Valentine's day

Lots of couples display photos on their big day, as a collage, in picture frames, on the table settings or hung up bunting-style around the venue. It’s a lovely way to chart the course of your relationship and give a nod to the friends and family who’ve been there along the way. So, why not spend Valentine’s Day evening going through old photos, choosing your favourites and reminiscing about everything that’s got you to where you are today? 

6. Eat, drink and be merry

Cute little wedding favours you could try out on Valentine's day

Lastly, we all know one of the very best bits of the wedding planning is trying the food and drinks you’ll be serving! So, if you’re marrying at a hotel or restaurant, why not book a table there? If you’re supplying your own wine, arrange to go wine tasting or create an informal wine tasting session at home to find your favourites. You could start making (and eating!) some of you biscuit wedding favours, perhaps? Then there’s the cocktails. You and your fiancé could spend a fun evening creating the signature cocktails you’ll serve on the big day. Just remember to write down the recipes before you have too many!

All you need is love...

Real Weddings Kent: Samantha and Nathan’s funky festival wedding
Samantha and Nathan

Well, we hope we’ve given you a few fun ideas for your last Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple. It’s easy to get so caught up in all the wedding planning that you sometimes forget the reason why you’re doing it all in the first place! So, whatever you do, just make sure you spend some time celebrating your love, having fun and looking forward to the special day to come.

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