Photo of Amie and Christian holding hands with their castle wedding venue visible in the background

Amie and Christian met through friends a long time ago. “We weren’t really that into each other,” says Amie.

“He thought I was annoying and vice versa! Eventually, we had our first date at the Cosy Club in Birmingham. We had a great time but were both in denial that we actually liked each other.”

Side view of Amie in her lace wed2b wedding dress and plain tulle bridal veil Back view of Amie in her lace wedding dress with a Tulle bridal veil in her hair

A garden proposal at home

The couple had been together for three years when Christian proposed in July 2022. “I’m a real home girl and my mom and dad have a big garden,” says Amie. “I thought I was going there to chill by the fire pit, as they live far from me. But, when I walked through the gate, I wondered why my mum had her phone. I could also hear my favourite song, that my best friend normally sings, but it didn’t quite click. Then my dad opened the curtain and there was my mate singing our song while her husband played the keyboard. I was so in shock! And, then the moment happened. Afterwards we celebrated and then Christian took me to the place we had our first date, which was perfect.”

Back view of Amie standing in front of her wedding venue in her wed2b wedding dress

Shopping for the dress

“The same friend who sang at my proposal (my bestie) also got her dress from WED2B around seven years ago,” says Amie. “So, we took a trip to the WED2B store in Shirley. I already had an idea of what I wanted. The dress I chose was the first one I tried on. I did try on some others but I was already sold! The ladies there knew exactly what I wanted with just a few words. They made me feel like a princess.”

Christian holding Amie's hand during their wedding ceremony

Amie chose Camelia. For similar styles have a closer look at Samson, Alva or Anwar.

“I'm a Christian, so I wanted something modest but flattering,” she says. "I also love lace, so lace sleeves is what I imagined. I actually wanted something slightly off the shoulder but this dress was so elegant and flattering it was a must-have. The detail in the dress is to die for.”

Back view of Amie standing infront of Christian during their wedding ceremony

A castle wedding venue

The couple married at Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury on 4th November 2022. “Christian and I love to travel to old venues, such as castles, churches or anything else historic,” says Amie. “We saw this castle wedding venue online during Covid, before Christian had even proposed. When we got engaged we went to visit and were sold straight away. It’s fabulous and so enchanting. The staff there are also impeccable.”

Amie and Christian holding hands and smiling at one another during their wedding ceremony Amie and Christian staring at one another whilst holding hands during their wedding ceremony

The big day

“I got ready with my best friends, Natalie, Kiera and Anna, along with Anna’s two little girls who were the most beautiful flower girls you could imagine,” says Amie. “We got ready in the outhouse, which was amazing. Christian got ready with his siblings in the main castle. We were so worried about the weather, as it was November, but the sun was out and I was gob smacked. It didn’t even rain like the forecast predicted.”

Christian twirling Amie round outside their wedding venue Amie and Christian with their arms around one another while posing outside

“Our song was ‘Jesus At the Centre of It All’ by Maverick City,” says Amie. “We had a Christian ceremony read by our pastor. The vows are truly special to me,

‘Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God, my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me.’ But it was hard to choose because there are so many.”

Amie posing with the mother in law on her wedding day Back view of Amie in her wed2b wedding dress opening a door into their castle wedding venue

Photos, drinks and canapés

“After the ceremony, we had photos and canapés,” says Amie. “We were starving, getting married is hungry work! There was music and drinks too and just general chat before we went for dinner.”

Amie posing with 3 of her bridesmaids in their pink bridesmaids dresses abd faux fur shrugs

A simple but elegant look

“I made my own decorations except for the top table flowers,” says Amie. “I didn’t have much of a theme. It was elegant and modest. We had a buffet with sweet potato fries, chicken, ribs, fish, rice and veg. There was literally so much food! I also put sweets in a glass rather than favours. Music was supplied by our fellow church members and it ranged from rap to gospel. It was so good.”

Amie and Christian walking hand in hand on a pebble path around their wedding venue Christian standing behind Amie whilst they are both looking at one another

The best bits…

“There were so many memorable moments but I think the highlight was my vows,” says Amie. “Seeing my new husband and the look on his face, it just melted me.”

Back view of Amie walkign up the steps at her castle wedding venue

My top tips

“Let the staff at WED2B help you!” says Amie. “Try things on that are out of your comfort zone, too.”

Photo of Amie standing in front of her wedding venue with her bridal veil blowing in the wind

Amie and Christian’s Dream Team

Photographer: Shannon Lockett

Castle wedding venue: Rowton Castle

Wedding dresses: WED2B

Top table flowers and bouquet: Joanne Lunn

Makeup: GiGi Marques

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