Body art is becoming more and more popular and mainstream, both at work and at formal events. So if you love your tattoos and they work well with your dress then there’s no reason not to show them off! Read more here about our Real Bride Laura who showed off her tattoos with style in Las Vegas...

cover up tattoos for your wedding

But what if you want to cover up tattoos for your wedding? 

Sometimes, no matter how much you love your body art, it might not feel right for the big day. Perhaps you’d love a classic look that just doesn’t work with the huge butterfly on your arm? Or maybe the tattoo sleeve that looks amazing with your usual rock chic style really doesn’t work with the ivory lace design you’ve fallen in love with?

Using make-up to cover up tattoos…

Whatever the reason, there are lots of different ways to cover up tattoos for your wedding. There are several different types of make-up kit on the market, specifically for tattoos, which will keep body art covered all day long. Alternatively, you could experiment with your regular makeup. Try using a cream concealer followed by a spray foundation cream. Then dust liberally with translucent powder, to give a matte finish, before fixing with a light spray of hairspray. Another option is to use stage make-up, although this can be quite greasy, or you can also buy stick on, skin-coloured patches.

If you’re DIY-ing make sure you give yourself ample time to experiment with how to cover up tattoos for your wedding. And, if you don’t feel your make-up skills are up to the job (and you do want to make sure it won’t all slide off halfway through the day!), then look for a professional make-up artist to do it for you. Many use special air-brush equipment to give a flawless and long-lasting finish.

Dresses and accessories to cover up tattoos for your wedding …

But what if you don't want to fully cover your tattoos or use make-up or covers? Choosing the right dress and accessories is an easy way to cover up tattoos for your wedding. For example, high necklines or full-length sleeves are great for disguising body art. A long-sleeved jacket, like our stunning Caprice, will do the job without any need for tricky creams and lotions. Or throw on our fabulous feather Celine bolero and hey presto, that shoulder tat is under wraps!

Dresses that go the extra mile with intricate back detailing or illusion necklines also offer plenty of tattoo coverage. Don’t believe us? We’ve picked out some of our favourites that have just a little bit extra when it comes illusion lace, cap sleeves and pretty details. Perfect for discretely covering up that unfortunate tattoo of your ex’s name with absolutely no fuss…

cover up tattoos for your wedding Carmela Carmela

Pretty coverage

Gorgeous Caitlyn is the perfect choice if you have something small and artistic on the top of your shoulder or even if you have something more dramatic on your back. Plus, with its layers of super soft tulle, its classic A-line silhouette and its traditional lace design no one would ever know it was also a clever cover up!

cover up tattoos for your wedding - caitlyn Caitlyn

Smart styling

The sweetheart bodice is overlaid with a stunning illusion neckline, so there’s plenty of coverage around the décolletage and the tops of the shoulders. Clever styling, such as wearing your hair down in loose waves, will also help to conceal a tattoo on the back of the neck or between the shoulder blades.

cover up tattoos for your wedding - caitlyn

All (hidden) in the detail

At the back, the patterned illusion lace is so sculptural and attention grabbing no one will notice the body art hidden underneath! Also, don’t forget, your veil will also add interest, coverage and draw people’s attention, and our Langley veil is perfect with this style.

cover up tattoos for your wedding - caitlyn

High and mighty

Francesca is another stunning design with a tattoo-friendly high back. An elegant lace fishtail, it’s embellished with delicate sequins for the perfect touch of sparkle. 

cover up tattoos for your wedding - francesca Francesca

Lovely lace

The illusion lace on the wide straps and high back make this perfect for hiding tattoos on the tops of the shoulders or lower back. Accessorise with a dramatic lace-edged veil for even more coverage.

cover up tattoos for your wedding - francesca

Cover star

This figure-hugging dress wouldn’t look amiss at a red carpet, A-list party, it’s so stunning. We think it’s the glorious illusion details that make it so breathtaking and bang on trend. Luckily, its these details that also make it perfect if you're looking for a little more coverage!

cover up tattoos for your wedding farah Farah

Details, details

At the back the embroidered lace appliqués and sparkling beads are just exquisite. Neatly finished with a row of crepe-covered buttons your guests will be blown away as you walk past (and will never spot the tattoos hidden underneath!). The full-length sleeves are also perfect for concealing artwork on the shoulders or wrists. Finally, we love how the embroidery continues down the fitted, crepe skirt before finishing with the cut-out lace train. This will look so amazing trailing behind you we doubt guests will notice anything else!

cover up tattoos for your wedding farah For more exquisite embroidery make sure Sawyer, Wyatt and Galilea are on your radar too.

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