Iris and Michael Kissing in front of a lake in their wedding attire

“Michael was a friend of a friend and I had seen him before but never talked to him,” says Iris. “I was dancing at a show and had to take the stage, so my friend promised to look after my phone. However, at the moment I had to go on stage, I couldn’t find him. I saw Michael standing there and asked him to give my phone to my friend instead. After this there was a spark and we started chatting on MSN. A little while later we had a few dates and the butterflies came. They’re still there!”

Iris getting into her wedding dress with the help from her bridesmaids

A sweet proposal

The couple had been together since April 2008 and on Christmas Eve 2017, Michael proposed. “That evening he was very quiet and ate very little,” says Iris. “I thought he was sick but it turned out afterwards that he was very nervous! Late that night, after dessert, he said,

‘Honey, come here, I have something else you've wanted for a long time’ and there he was on one knee. The answer, of course, was a resounding 'Yes'. I was so happy. My girlhood dream was about to come true. Finally!”

Iris posing in her wed2b wedding dress holding her wedding bouquet

Shopping for the dress

Iris visited WED2B’s Geleen store. “I ended up at WED2B through another bride,” she says. "It was a very pleasant experience. I immediately felt at ease. The shop wasn’t very busy and the girl who helped me had plenty of time and let me try on lots of styles. She was great and really listened to my wishes.”

Iris and Michael's wedding rings entwined on a rose.

“I chose Stevie,” says Iris. “I immediately thought it was ‘wow’ and really me. Beautifully fitted, romantic yet sexy. Lace, the fit, the finish… All the requirements I had I could tick right off. My mum and two girlfriends also really thought it was the perfect ‘Iris dress’.”

(For similar styles try Kamille, Dillon or Taron)

Iris walking out of her front door in her wedding attire ready to show Michael for their first look Iris tapping Michael on the shoulder for their first look

A difficult period

“I bought my dress in August 2021, just a year before my wedding at home,” says Iris. “WED2B was the first shop I visited and I was immediately sold on my chosen dress. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve, my father-in-law passed away, on 23rd January my grandfather and on 22nd February my grandmother (other side of the family). Because of the great grief, I lost 14 kilos. This was not done consciously but it meant my dress was now way too big and couldn’t be taken in by a seamstress. I was a size 38 and now needed a 34.”

Iris and Michael seeing each other on the morning of their wedding or their first look Iris and Michael kissing at their first look on the morning of their wedding day

A helping hand

“After a phone call to Geleen WED2B, I dropped in,” says Iris. “They were very understanding of my situation and the unplanned weight loss. I tried on my dress and the shop lady immediately saw that it couldn’t be beautifully remade.”

"She called all the other branches and luckily there was still a size 34 in Eindhoven. A week later I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. I was so grateful for this service. It really ensured that my dress was perfect for the day.”

Iris and Michael walking our of their wedding ceremony with their guests blowing bubbles

Just in time…

“My grandmother (also my godmother) had given me the first dress,” says Iris. “So, I immediately put this one on when I got home and showed it to her and my grandfather, who was lying in his sick bed. He was also able to admire me in my beautiful dress. My other grandmother also saw a photo of me wearing it. This was a wish come true for me.”

Iris and Michael walking hand in hand with their children

A relaxed wedding at home

“The reception and ceremony was in our garden, which was transformed into a fairytale,” says Iris. “White chairs, nature, lots of flowers (my mum made all the flower arrangements and my bridal bouquet) and a white carpet. We also had three empty chairs with a photo of our dearly departed on them. During the ceremony, to the song ‘Farewell Does Not Exist’ by Marco Borsato’, our sons unclipped the helium balloons on the chairs. This was such a beautiful and emotional moment.”

Iris posing with her bridesmaids who are wearing black bridesmaids dresses

“After this, we had a nice dinner with an intimate group of 50 people at a little establishment in our village. This establishment has been our own restaurant for 60 years (great-grandmother/grandmother and mother). It felt like coming home. After all this, we had our evening party in a fancy disco, which we hired. We love dancing to Groove music, so we wanted a real dance party. Our wedding was on 20.08.2022. The numbers 20.08 also refer to 2008, the year we became a couple.”

Iris posing staring out to the beautiful scenery

The big day

“Michael stayed with his groomsmen,” says Iris. “My best friend was with me early in the morning and a whole team was here to get us ready (make-up, hair etc). At 9.30am, Michael rang the bell and came to pick me up in style.”

Iris and Michael kissing on a pebble beach in front of the sea

“For the guests, we had provided an old school bus that drove behind us towards the town hall. The weather was amazing, not too hot and certainly not too cold. After the legal wedding at the town hall, we returned home for the ceremony and the reception.”

Michael embracing Iris on their wedding day

“I had put the ceremony together myself with my colleague (a kindergarten teacher),” says Iris. “There were nice songs that had meaning for us personally. Friends and family members told lovely anecdotes about us as a couple or from our lives. The moment my dad escorted me down the white carpet to Michael was magical for me. This is what I had been dreaming of all my life and it was truly a fairytale.”

Iris and Michael holding hands on their wedding day

Let’s celebrate!

After the ceremony there were photos and everyone enjoyed a nice dinner. “During the reception, there was also a saxophonist playing,” says Iris. “ At our dance party later, we had a well-known DJ from Groovy Tunes, which are events we often attend. Our first dance was to ’Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica. This song has meaning for us, because we always sang this in the car together. It was also a favourite song of my father-in-law and was played during his funeral.”

Iris holding hands with her daughter the flowergirl

The personal touch

“Our wedding cards had a nice logo on the front, and I used this logo throughout,” says Iris. “ At the ceremony, I had a goodie bag for everyone with a ball blower (with the logo on it), a bag of handkerchiefs ‘For happy tears’, a wooden heart and a pen. On that heart, they were allowed to write a wish and put it in a time capsule, which we opened on our first anniversary. I also had personalised fans for the ceremony and thank-you gifts of hangover water, a first-aid kit bag, a white rose with petals made of soap and a keyring/bottle opener, a key to our hearts.”

Iris and Michael feeding eachother some of their wedding cake

The best bits…

“For me, the most memorable moment was when we saw each other for the first time, and walking into the ceremony with my dad,” says Iris. “Overall, the whole day was perfect. Really as I had planned it in my head. Everything went smoothly and the weather gods were kind to us.”

My top tips…

“Have everything filmed because the day literally flies by. There are lots of bits you forget or don’t get to see. Through our film, I can relive this and really enjoy revisiting this beautiful day.”

Iris and Michael’s Dream Team

Photographer: Jessica Jacobs Fotografie

Wedding dresses: WED2B

Party disco: El Tigra (Lanaken)

Caterer: De Rio (Uikhoven – Maasmechelen)

Cake: De Korenaar

Beautician: Miss Makeover (Lanaken)

Hair stylist: Anneleen Warson – Studio Warson (Lanaken)

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