This emotional spring city hall wedding meant a lot to this happy couple and their families. Our WED2B Real Weddings feature reveals more…

Kimberley and Hans city hall wedding

Kimberley sadly lost her first husband and then met Hans at the camp he founded for children who have lost someone close to them. “Hans was more than just a listening ear,” says Kimberley.

“He was my shoulder to cry on, the man who gave me that push to lift my head back up, to keep going.”

Kimberley's lace wedding dress

Shopping for the dream dress

“I found WED2B online,” says Kimberley. “Then I went to buy my wedding dress at WED2B in Gent."

"The saleswoman who helped me was fantastic. The people I had with me liked lots of dresses but she took me apart and told me how beautiful she thought I looked in the dress I chose.”

Kimberley getting ready on the morning of her wedding

“I chose Fabiana, a mermaid dress,” says Kimberley. “It was fantastically beautiful, it really flattered my figure and I felt so good in it." (For similar styles try Younes, Kelsey and Brixton)

Kimberley in her illusion neckline wedding dress

The perfect date and venue

The couple married at Salon Ten Boogaerde in Kortemark. “The hall was beautiful,” says Kimberley. “It also had an orangery that completely matched the image I had in my dreams. We got married on 22nd February 2022 (22/02/2022).”

Kimberley and Han's wedding bands

The big day

“My two sisters-in-law stayed with me the night before the wedding, and this was very special as these are my first husband's sisters,” says Kimberley. “They will always remain my sisters-in-law and Hans accepts this family with open arms."

Kimberley and Han's at their City hall wedding

“We didn't have such beautiful weather, but we didn't need this either because both me and Hans were beaming like never before.”

Han's reading at this city hall wedding

An emotional ceremony

“Our ceremony was very special, Hans had put it all together himself,” says Kimberley. “My daddy took me to the altar and, before handing me over to Hans, he kissed my forehead."

Kimberley at the town hall expressing her love for all their children

"In the town hall we also married the children. It was a way to express that we are now one family, even though we are a blended family. It was a very emotional ceremony, with tears and smiles. Even the children were crying, because they did not expect it to have such a big impact.”

Kimberley and Han's at their town hall wedding with their children

“After the ceremony we took pictures and there were snacks and drinks,” says Kimberley. “Our whole family sat at the main table, and our friends and acquaintances enjoyed the dessert buffet. We chose the song ‘You Are Still The One’ because our journey has had its ups and downs. Nobody thought we were going to make it or that our relationship would last. Now, four and a half years later, we are still just as happy.”

Kimberley and Han's embracing at their town hall wedding

Fabulous photos

“The decor included lots of photos of ourselves,” says Kimberley. “From the first photo we ever took to the last, including photos with us and the kids. We wanted to make this a very family-friendly celebration. Our favours were homemade boxes in the shape of a man and a woman in wedding clothes with our initials on.”

Kimberley in her mermaid wedding dress

The most memorable moments…

“Our ceremony at City Hall was a high flyer,” says Kimberley. “Also, the moment when Hans came to pick me up with the limo and I saw his face. We looked so happy and emotional. It was also very important to me that my sisters-in-law were my bridesmaids. This made it very special.”

KImberley's pastel coloured wedding bouquet

My top tips

“Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!” says Kimberley. “You have done so much preparation for this day and before you know it, it’s over. Don't let the stress take over."

Kimberley and Hans’s Dream Team

Photographer: Gingery Tales

Venue: Salons Ten Boogaerde

Wedding dresses: WED2B

Ceremony and flowers: Bert van Parijs

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