An idyllic wedding abroad in Norway was just right for this happy couple’s big day. Our WED2B Real Weddings feature reveals more…

Helené and Simen met for the first time when he picked her up at the train station for a date. “I was shivering because I was nervous and freezing at the same time,” she says. "When I sat in the car, I knew straight away that he was the one. He took me to a restaurant by the water and, as we walked towards it at sunset, we held hands. I then found out he had booked the whole second floor for us to be alone. We ordered a lot of food and it was so expensive, even though neither of us was very hungry!”

Helene and Simen's wedding abroad

The big question

“The proposal was unreal,” says Helené. “We both have part-time jobs at a wedding venue, close to where we live in Norway. It’s run by Simen’s auntie and she asked if I could work the following Wednesday evening. I didn’t think that much about it! I was running late, as always, and when I got to the venue it looked closed and all the lights were turned off. The doors were closed, so I double-checked the time and date and it was correct. In the end, I found an open door and when I stepped inside all I could see was thousands of lit candles running up the stairs. Then I heard ‘City of Stars’ from the film La La Land, which is our song, and that’s when I knew what was happening.”

A magical proposal for this wedding abroad

A magical proposal

“I walked up the stairs feeling nervous,” says Helené. “When I finally got to the top, the candles led to the wedding hall and there was Simen, surrounded by candles with a rose bouquet. He was so nervous and said, ‘Why are you so late?’. Then he went down on one knee and asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and marry him. Of course, I said, yes! We popped the champagne and kissed. He’d picked out a beautiful dress and some heels for me to change into, then he took me up to the Sky Bar. We had the whole building to ourselves and at the top, there was a table for two where we were served a three-course meal. It was all so perfect. We had champagne and wine and told our family the news. Definitely the most perfect proposal.”

Finding the dress

Helené headed to WED2B Newcastle for her dress. “They helped me find the most beautiful dress, or should I say dresses!” says Helené. “I wanted something extraordinary and ended up with the Porsha dress and the Allure overskirt, along with two belts, so I had the opportunity to have two looks if I wanted. The dress itself is very classy and has a simple, shimmering look. But when I put the skirt over, it was definitely a ‘Yes to the dress’. I wanted the princess look and a long gown, so I loved my dress. Everyone told me it was stunning and I felt like the most beautiful bride. I live in Norway, so no one had ever seen a dress like this one before."

Finding the dress for their wedding abroad

A rustic outdoor venue

“Our wedding abroad was, of course, in the place where Simen proposed and where we work,” says Helené. “It’s an old barn that’s been renovated and turned in to the most beautiful and romantic wedding venue. We had the ceremony outside and the wedding breakfast inside. It was a perfect day and the best day of my life. It was raining a bit in the morning, but the moment I stepped out of the car, ready to walk up the aisle, the sun came through and it was magical!”

Helene and Simen's wedding photo from their wedding abroad

A Norwegian wedding abroad

I’m half English but the traditions in Norway are a bit different those in England,” says Helené. “I got ready with my four sisters and my mom in the morning. Then we had our first pictures taken by a beautiful bridge before having a nice brunch in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The ceremony didn’t start until 5pm and was held outside. The sun came through as soon as I got out of the car and my dad walked me down the aisle. Our friend was playing a piano piece as we walked in. My friend also sang a song that meant a lot to me and we all started to cry. It was so beautiful.”

A Norwegian wedding abroad

Summer loving

The wedding abroad had a very summery theme. “We had collected used vases and pots from second-hand shops for about six months,” says Helené. “The theme was white and blue and a bit Greek. We had flowers in all sort of colours and it was very fresh and summery. There were also glass bubbles with tea lights in them hanging from the ceiling, which was very romantic. There was a photo booth with a white balloon wall in the background and a table for sweets and lollies, complete with candy spoons and small sweetie bags with our names on them."

Helene and Simen's summer wedding for their wedding abroad

A family affair

Helené’s mum made the wedding cake. "It was unreal,” says Helené. “It had three tiers and was white with real flowers to match the table settings. And it was upside down! It was so perfect and the highlight of the day. I didn’t see it before the wedding, as it was a surprise from my mom. The most memorable moment has to be the ceremony though. I had made a white bow that was hanging under a big oak tree that was filled with white cherry blossom flowers. All of our 230 guests were sitting on benches in the big garden. The sun, music, songs, feelings and saying yes to my best friend made this absolutely the most memorable moment.”

 My top tips…

“Start to plan early,” says Helené. “Don’t be stressed out, everything will work out in the end. Use your friends, mine were so happy to help out. Find a theme and inspiration pictures early on and then try to make the day as you want it. Finally, shop for your wedding dress at WED2B! Then you’ll find your perfect wedding dress and feel like a princess on your big day.”

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