Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

Caroline and Niall met in university halls eight years ago. “The day I moved in I saw Niall working behind the campus bar,” says Caroline. “Although it wasn't quite love at first sight, I was drawn to him straight away. A couple of months and a few shy conversations later we discovered we had lots of mutual friends and a lot in common. Then we finally got together on a Halloween night out. Within a week or two we were spending time together nearly every day, and the rest is history!”

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

Proposing in Japan

One of the things the couple bonded over immediately was an appreciation for all aspects of Japanese culture. “In September 2018 we finally saved up and planned our big trip around Japan,” says Caroline. “When Niall proposed we were in an outdoor mountain hot spring in Yamanouchi, which we had visited to see the snow monkeys. I was both surprised and overwhelmed. It was so peaceful and serene and I couldn't imagine a more fitting proposal. Although, as we were wearing only towels, it was quite a challenge for Niall to hide the ring!”

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

Visiting the bridal shops Birmingham 

“Heading to the bridal shops Birmingham was actually the part of wedding planning I was least looking forward to,” says Caroline. “I was really worried about not feeling comfortable in anything. However, when I visited WED2B’s Wednesbury store I had such a wonderful, relaxed shopping experience that I ended up enjoying every minute of it. I had such fun browsing through the dress selection. Then, after trying on some very different styles of dresses, I ended up falling in love with Dylan. I loved the simplicity and boho feel, especially the gorgeous off-the-shoulder sleeves. It also felt so light to move around in."

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

"I can't thank the ladies at the WED2B in Wednesbury enough, they were so friendly, helpful and honest. I never once felt pushed or rushed. We later had to postpone our wedding from Sept 2020 to June 2021, due to the pandemic, and my dress ended up in storage for 14 months. When I finally got it out to try it on, I fell in love with Dylan all over again.”

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

A fairy tale venue

The couple married at The Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham, Worcestershire. “From the minute we arrived I knew it was the one,” says Caroline. “It felt like a fairy tale French manor and the views across the Vale of Evesham towards the Cotswolds are stunning. I immediately started picking out wonderful locations for our photographs among the hotel's beautiful grounds and gardens.” 

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

The big day finally arrives…

After postponing the wedding in 2020, Caroline and Niall eventually tied the knot on 13th June 2021. “The whole day felt like an absolute dream,” says Caroline. “We didn’t originally plan to have a small wedding but actually, with just 25 guests, the intimacy was lovely. Unfortunately, Niall's family in Ireland were sadly not able to attend due to the restrictions, but they joined us throughout the day for the special moments, via Zoom” 

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

“After a wonderful morning getting ready, my dad walked me down the aisle to music from our favourite Japanese animated movie, Spirited Away,” says Caroline. “The ceremony felt like an emotional blur but there were constant smiles. Then we joined our guests outside for Pimms and Prosecco. It was the hottest day of the year so far and the cold drinks were much needed!” 

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

A Japanese and Irish fusion

“We chose green and gold as our wedding colours to reflect Niall's Irish heritage and, because of our engagement, we also wanted to tie Japan into the theme,” says Caroline. “I made most of the wedding decorations myself, with matcha flavoured chocolate as favours. The tables were named after the places we visited on our trip and we had origami cranes everywhere, including topping our amazing three-tier green and gilded wedding cake.”

Following the meal and speeches, all the guests watched the newlyweds share a dance before a chilled out evening. “We weren't allowed dancing or a DJ due to restrictions,” says Caroline. “but it was wonderful just to spend some relaxed time with our guests, talking the night away.”

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

So many happy memories…

"The most memorable moment for me was hearing our song start playing before I walked down the aisle, and knowing I was just a few minutes away from being able to marry my best friend,” says Caroline. “A few tears were shed before I even stepped in the room! There was also a great moment where my friend accidentally threw her favour during the confetti toss and there is a great video clip of a chocolate bouncing off my head in amongst all the confetti!”

Real Weddings Worcestershire: Caroline and Niall’s intimate wedding

My top tips…

“Before we postponed our wedding I was very focussed on every detail being perfect,” says Caroline. “However, after the many ups and downs of not knowing if our special day would go ahead, all the stress of the small stuff melted away. All that mattered was being able to marry the person I love the most. So, my advice would be that wedding planning should be a fun experience not a stressful one. Although it's natural to want every little thing perfect, these won't be the things that matter on the day or the things you remember in years to come. Forget agonising over the details and enjoy every moment of marrying the one you love, with your favourite people by your side!”

Caroline’s Dream Team

Photography & Video: Veronika J Photography 

Venue: The Wood Norton

Cake: The Green Bean Cake Co

Dried flowers: Hidden Botanics

Grooms outfit: Slaters Menswear / Swagger and Swoon Ties

Make up artist: Kay Louise Makeup

Hair stylist: Claire Hateley

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