Did you know that the right underskirt can make a big difference to the look and feel of your wedding dress? This magical, hidden accessory enhances and supports the shape of any gown, creates a shapely waist and hipline and adds fairytale volume to skirts. It will even give you more freedom to move too, by lifting the hem of your dress away from your legs so you can happily dance the night away!

At WED2B we have five different styles of underskirt to suit a variety of silhouettes. These are all made in the UK using the best quality materials and a comfortable power-net body. Each style also has an adjustable waistband, so that one size fits comfortably across most sizes and body shapes. Sound good? Then read on to find your perfect underskirt…

Should I wear an underskirt under my wedding dress?

Our expert Bridal Consultants are often asked this question and, for most brides, the answer is yes! Wearing an underskirt will ensure the shape of your dress stays absolutely perfect all day long. It will also keep the layers of fabric away from your legs, so you'll feel cool, comfortable and totally unrestricted.

Comfort and Style

It’s a common misconception that underskirts are only for brides with big, princess-style dresses and that slimmer dresses are fine without them. But an underskirt does so much more than add layers of Tulle under your skirt. Our power-net waistbands, for example, also smooth out your silhouette. This creates the illusion of a perfect figure without you having to go for uncomfortable, Bridget Jones-style underwear! The elastic waistband of our underskirts should sit on your natural waistline too, so it’s super easy to wear. The fullness that creates the wonderful silhouette only begins from the hip down.

Caring for your underskirt

Caring for your underskirt is fairly simple, as you’re unlikely to spill food or drink down it. For some extra pre-wedding oomph a little steam works wonders. Use a hand-held steamer or, alternatively, try the old 'hanging it in the bathroom after a hot shower’ trick! You can also spot clean or even gently hand wash them if necessary.

Styles of underskirt

One hoop: A one-hoop underskirt has a single hoop that usually measures between 67 and 83 inches in circumference. The hoop sits neatly under any A-Line dress to help keep the shape at the bottom.

Two-hoops/Tiered: A two-hoop underskirt has two separate hoops, usually measuring between 75 and 105 inches in circumference. Two hooped or tiered styles work best with A-line dresses, ball gowns and princess silhouettes to create plenty of fullness.

Fishtail: A fishtail underskirt is designed to sit under a fishtail/mermaid-style dress. These underskirts usually measure between 75 to 87 inches in circumference and have netted ruffles at the bottom, to kick out the hem of the skirt.

Double the fun

And there’s no need to stick to just one! A clever way to add real wow factor to a full skirt is by layering up two underskirts for maximum volume. This is also a savvy way to avoid length alterations, too. Our expert Bridal Consultants can help you find the right pairing to suit your dress and give you the ultimate fairytale swish.

Below we’ve matched some of our dresses with the perfect underskirt, so you can see the full effect of this key accessory…

Ballgown and princess-style dresses

A full underskirt with three tiers can be used to add volume to a princess-style dress. And, as an added bonus, it will make your waist appear smaller too! Our three-tier 153 underskirt is designed for big wedding dresses that are full from the waist. Measuring between 106 and 126 inches in circumference it will also carry some of the weight of the skirt. This means your dress will be more comfortable to wear and will stay princess-perfect and full of bounce all day long!

Keeley ballgown wedding dress with and without an underskirt Underskirt featured: 153, Dress featured: Keeley

Fishtail silhouettes

Our fishtail underskirts are designed to sit under fishtail/mermaid-styles, which often have a lot of fabric at the bottom. The right underskirt will help to hold the weight of the dress, as well as keeping its shape. You’ll also get a smooth line from your waist to your feet and you'll be able to walk without worrying about the ‘tail’ of your dress becoming misshapen. Our 189 underskirt, for example, has a longer elastane body and netting only at the bottom, so it lines up in shape to a fishtail or trumpet silhouette. Alternatively, our 190 underskirt is the same style but incorporates a hoop too, which will give a more structured look to your dress.

Megan fishtail wedding dress with and without an underskirt Underskirt featured: 189, Dress featured: Megan

A-line and fit and flare styles

For this style of silhouette, a medium underskirt with an optional hoop is the perfect solution. Our 163 underskirt, with its modest layers, is ideal for this look and also comes in an adjustable version for size 18+ brides. It works perfectly with the classic A-line skirt and helps to add beautiful waist definition.

Caterina aline wedding dress with and without an underskirt Underskirt featured: 163, Dress featured: Caterina
Jamie fit and flare wedding dress with and without an underskirt Underskirt featured: 163, Dress featured: Jamie
It's also a dream with fit and flare styles too. Our 163 underskirt only starts to flare out below the hips, which leaves space for the longer bodice on this style of dress.

Shorter, tea-length designs

Finally, if you’re going for fun and flirty rather than full-length and classic, we have the perfect underskirt for you too. Our 125 underskirt is a shorter, full-skirted style that’s perfect for adding fullness and volume to fabulous tea-length styles, for that bouncy retro look.

Abilene short wedding dress with and without an underskirt Underskirt featured: 125, Dress featured: Abilene

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