Ivory Wedding Dresses

Ivory Wedding Dresses

With its natural, warm undertones, ivory wedding dresses are super flattering and compliment all skin tones and is the classic bridal shade. It’s also a versatile choice that suits all wedding day themes, from soft romantic, bohemian chic to a sparkling princess fairy tale. Wedding dresses in ivory are, timeless and easily accessorised with a dazzling bridal belt, jacket or a sparkling tiara.
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Why choose an Ivory Wedding Dress?

Ivory wedding dresses are said to represent innocence, purity and peace - ivory is the one colour that has stood the test of time and offers timeless style and elegance. A softer alternative to white, ivory is a colour chosen universally by brides for its flattering hue that works with a wide range of skin tones and hair colours. An ivory wedding dress also gives a more luxurious feel to your wedding day look and always photographs extremely well. Whether you are looking for regal chic or a flowing bohemian wedding gown. Ivory is versatile enough to be able to suit the wide range of styles we have available for our brides here at WED2B

You can find out how flattering ivory can be by visiting us in store to try on some dresses, our friendly team of experts look forward to hopefully welcoming you.

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