So your budget is tight but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a typically cheap wedding dress; here are 7 savvy money saving ideas for your special day...

1. Transform your wedding day style with a multi-way dress

It’s a myth that you need to spend a lot to own a luxury wedding dress. Our prices may seem cheap compared to other designer wedding dresses but a WED2B gown has exactly the same quality, design and innovation as every other boutique brand. For example, a convertible wedding dress like Alicia from our Heidi Hudson range can be styled in endless ways to offer you different looks throughout the day.

'Alicia' Multiway Wedding Dress by Heidi Hudson (£349)

2. Put on your dancing shoes

There’s no rule that says you have to wear wedding shoes on your big day, and lets be honest the comfier the better as you'll be on your feet all day. Buy your shoes well in advance and wear them (with socks!) round the house before the big day. 

 3. Get wedding day ready with a free makeover

Visit your local department store beauty counters for free make-up tips and trials. Some department stores also run beauty courses where you can learn a new skill or pick up ideas for doing your own make-up.

 4. Add the perfect touch of sparkle

At WED2B you can buy your whole wedding day look for less - and you won't feel like you're getting a cheap wedding dress! Our stunning Amixi accessories collection has everything from glamorous belts to sparkly tiaras. You’ll look and feel a million dollars but will have spent significantly less!


'Aurelia' Tiara by Amixi (£59.99)

5. Ask a cheeky favour and you could travel in style!

If you have a family friend with a beautiful car, why not ask if you can use it as your wedding day transport? You’ll be pleasantly surprised how keen they'll be to pitch in. 


Car courtesy of: D.H.Cullen Ltd - 'Sophia' wedding dress by Anna Sorrano (£599) - 'Quartz' belt by Amixi (£89.99)

6. Arrange some bloomin' marvellous bouquets

Save money on your flowers by staying seasonal and local. Choose bigger blooms so you'll need fewer stems. African marigolds, gladiolus,'Stargazer' lilies or hydrangeas are all big, beautiful and will easily fill a room. Why not make your bouquet yourself?


'Sophia' wedding dress by Anna Sorrano (£599) - Flowers by: Daisy Ellen 

7. Get your bake on!

Know someone who loves to bake? Or are you a GBBO superfan? Naked cakes are bang on trend, so ask around and find someone who could make a simple cake as a wedding gift. A couple of spare fresh flowers will finish it off perfectly.


Cakes by: Poppy Pickering Yorkshire

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