Whether you’re a pear shapd, an apple shapd or any other shape, we know you have high expectations of your dream dress. It needs to fit perfectly, feel comfortable and supportive, flatter your figure to the max and express your unique sense of style, all while making you look and feel amazing.

However, there are also so many styles and shapes out there that it’s hard to know where to begin. So, if you haven’t already, make you sure you take a look at our Guide to Wedding Dress Shapes, which will help you work out which body shape you’re closest to. Also, our amazing bridal experts are always on hand (both online and instore) and are brilliant at helping even the most unsure or nervous bride. Below they’ve put together their top style tips for pear shaped, with everything you need to know about what to look for in a dress. Alternatively, for all our other body shape guides just click here!

Wedding dress shapes for pear bodys shaped brides.

Perfect pear shaped

You’re a pear shape if your…

  • Upper body is smaller than your lower body
  • Hips are wider than your shoulders
  • Bust is small to average size
  • Weight is mainly in your legs and hips, giving the impression of an inverted triangle.
  • Waist is small compared to your hips, which means trousers that fit your bottom and thighs often gape at the waistline.

However, every bride’s figure is beautifully unique, so you most likely won’t fit the ‘pear shape’ box exactly. You may well overlap with other body shapes, too. For example, if you have a larger bust your may lean more towards an hourglass shape. Alternatively, if your waist is slightly wider and less defined you may be more of a rectangle, so be open to a secondary body shape too.

Decide what’s right for you

Then, once you’ve given your body shape some thought, take a minute to think about the following too…

  • What do you love about your body and want to highlight?
  • Which parts do you feel neutral about?
  • Are there any areas you’d like to draw attention away from?

These will be different for everyone, regardless of body shape. You might love your full curves and want to highlight them, while other pears would prefer to minimise their hips and thighs and show off great arms or shoulders instead. The choice is yours, there’s no right or wrong!

An illustration of a bride who is pear shaped.

Key advice for pear shaped

  • Add balance by drawing attention to the upper body while minimising the lower body
  • Wear styles that are fitted in the middle to highlight your small waistline
  • Add width to the shoulders with the right neckline or sleeves
  • Avoid excessive fabric/embellishment around the hips
  • Look for good support to lift your chest
  • Avoid low waistlines that sit right across the hips, making them look wider

Design details to look out for…

1 Silhouettes 

Skirts that are loose fitting and wider at the bottom, such as A lines and ballgowns, are ideal. They will skim over thighs and hips while adding volume lower down. Tea lengths do the same, while showing off your ankles and maybe a great pair of shoes! Avoid skirts with heavy horizontal details, such as frilly tiers, that will exaggerate your body shape and sheath styles that will hide your waist.

Front and Back view of Shannay by Viva Bride an A line wedding dress for pear shaped.
Wedding dress featured: Shannay by Viva Bride

2 Necklines

Choose a wide neckline, such as square or off-the-shoulder, to give the illusion of a wider shoulder and bust area. This will balance out the width of the hips. Detailing like pretty lace edging or a smart cuff neckline will also add eye-catching interest and width. The right strapless or halterneck dress can look great too, as it will make your shoulders look broader. Avoid plunging V-necklines, which vertically stretch and slim the upper body. 

3 Straps and sleeves

Anything that adds volume to your upper body is good. So try cap or angel sleeves or wide illusion straps with pretty embellishment. Avoid spaghetti straps, which narrow and slim the shoulder area.

Front and Back view of Jaya by Heidi Hudson an illusion sleeve wedding dress.
Wedding dress featured: Jaya by Heidi Hudson

4 Lace-up backs

A lace-up bodice with good support will lift your chest and also pull you in at the waist, defining your mid-section.

5 Split skirts

A sexy split skirt is a great way to show off and elongate the legs, while still disguising hips and thighs. Plus, it adds a chic contemporary feel to your look.

6 Embellishment

Detailing around your neckline and shoulders and across your bodice is an ideal way to draw eyes upwards. Simply avoid too much embellishment around your hips, where you don’t want to add extra width. 

Front and Back view of Kamala by Anna Sorrano an embellished wedding dress for pear shaped.
Wedding dress featured: Kamala by Anna Sorrano

7 Accessories 

A beautiful short necklace or pair of statement earrings will add interest and detail to your top half, drawing attention away from your lower half. Also, a slim sparkling belt will accentuate your neat waistline, just make sure it sits on your waistline and not any lower down.

We're here to help...

Well, we hope our pear shaped guide has given you an idea of where to start. Plus, if you’re still not sure what will suit you, don’t worry. Our friendly bridal experts (both online and instore) are brilliant at helping brides of every shape and size, find the perfect dress. They can also offer personalised advice tailored specifically to you and your unique figure. So drop in today, they can’t wait to see you!

Click here to see the best dresses for pear shaped, then try on your favourites at your nearest WED2B store. Here’s what to expect when you visit, too. Lastly, for more inspiration, check out our Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts or read some of our brilliant real bride stories here.