So, you’ve found your dream dress. But how do you make it feel totally, utterly and uniquely yours? You personalise it. If you’re creative and crafty you can add embellishments or make alterations so it feels like yours, and yours alone. You don’t have to be good with a needle and thread to personalise your big day look. The way you style it will also be totally unique to you. So why not add a jacket, belt or detachable straps? What about a sumptuous overskirt? Then you’re guaranteed that no other bride will walk down the aisle with exactly the same outfit.

We’ve asked the experts - other brides - how they personalised their look and below are a selection of their unique wedding dresses to inspire you…

How to personalise with accessories…

Add some appliqué

We love Natalie Pitt’s idea of adding a belt appliqué to the bodice of our 1215 dress. The elegant A-line gown is the epitome of simple chic, with its clean silhouette and delicate lace. All it needs is a little extra sparkle. If sewing isn't your thing try adding one of our slim belts around the waist instead!

Unique wedding dresses - Natalie Pitt wearing 1215 Credit : Natalie Pitt wearing 1215

Wear it with straps

Unique wedding dresses are oh-so-easy to create. Jade Percival simply added pretty lace straps and a sparkling belt to our Brooke dress for her dream big day look. The straps can also be removed later to give you two looks in one.

Unique wedding dresses Jade Percival wearing Brooke without straps Credit : Jade Percival wearing Brooke without straps
Unique wedding dresses - Jade Percival wearing Brooke with straps Credit : Jade Percival wearing Brooke with straps

Pick the perfect cover up

A simple wedding jacket can totally transform the look of your dress. Here Sam is wearing our off-the-shoulder Kensington jacket over the Constance fishtail dress.

(Click here for more tips on choosing the perfect cover up to match your dress).

Unique wedding dresses - Sam wearing Kensington Credit : Sam wearing Kensington

Add extra style elements

Sally (on the left) chose to add lace Anja straps to her A-line Addison dress.  This gave her a delicate and flattering shoulder coverage and also an on-trend keyhole back.

Unique wedding dresses - Sally wearing Addison with Anja Credit : Sally wearing Addison with Anja
Unique wedding dresses - Sally wearing Addison with Anja 2 Credit : Sally wearing Addison with Anja

Below you can see how the same straps created a totally different look when Laura added them to her Flo ball gown.

Unique wedding dresses - Laura wearing Anja Credit : Laura wearing Anja

Create two different looks

By combining a sparkling belt with our high-necked Caprice jacket, Suzanne Hedgecock created a look that was exclusive to her. As an added bonus, the jacket could be removed in the evening to reveal her figure-hugging dress and an alternative evening style.   

Unique wedding dresses - Suzanne wearing Caprice Credit : Suzanne in Caprice

Joanna wore Amore a simple strapless fishtail gown, with a chic hair vine and an off-the-shoulder lace jacket to complement it. It's a romantic daytime look that's hard to beat!

Unique wedding dresses - Joanna in amore Credit : Murray Clark Photography - Joanna in Amore
Unique wedding dresses - Joanna wearing Amore with Kensington Credit : Murray Clark Photography - Joanna in Amore with Kensington

How to personalise with embroidery…

If you're a creative needlewoman (or know someone who is) you can go to town with adding extra embellishments, such as crystals or pearls, to really up the wow factor. Incorporating a special piece of fabric, perhaps from your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress, is another great way to make your wedding dress totally unique. Alternatively, why not sew an embroidered monogram with the date of the wedding into the hem?

Unique wedding dresses - Seamstress

You could also personalise your dress with the traditional 'something blue’, such as a blue flower, jewel or ribbon. Or perhaps sew a secret blue something on the inside, which only you and your groom know about!

 Unique wedding dresses - Accesorise with jewellery

Finally, adding a family heirloom, such as a piece of jewellery or a charm, is a very special way to make your dress your own. It's a great way to celebrate your family and include the traditional ‘something borrowed’. If it doesn't quite go with the dress you can always attach it to your bouquet with ribbon instead.

Unique wedding dresses - Heirloom

Endless possibilities…

Every single dress in our range can be styled in an infinite number of ways. The possibilities are endless! Click here to see how we’ve styled our Gracie dress in 10 different ways for 10 different prices - proving that unique wedding dresses can be created on absolutely any budget.

Or drop into one of our stores and our expert stylists can advise you on how to achieve your ideal look, combining the perfect accessories with your dream dress to create an outfit that’s exclusive to you.

Unique wedding dresses - Store

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