Congratulations! You’ve found your dream wedding dress and no doubt you can't wait to wear it on the big day. But, did you know, putting your dress on correctly will help it look even more amazing as you walk down that aisle?

Our bridal experts can help, and they’ve put together a quick, step-by-step guide below to ensure that every button and layer is in just the right place. Then all you have to worry about is remembering your vows!

How to get into your wedding dress Featured wedding dress: Lucille by Viva Bride

The right underwear

  • Firstly, ensure you're wearing a great supportive bra and any supportive underwear, which will sit neatly and invisibly under your dress.
The right underwear to be worn under your wedding dress

Aligning your wedding dress and underskirt

  • While it’s on the hanger, pull the underskirt up inside the wedding dress. Then lower them both gently to the floor.
  • Make a gap in the middle of the underskirt (with the dress surrounding it), so you’re able to step easily into the middle of both.
  • Carefully step into the gap and then pull the underskirt up to your waist, aligning it comfortably to your waistline.
Aligning the your wedding dress and underskirt
  • Next, pull your dress up over your underskirt, ensuring the side seams on the skirt align with the seams on the underskirt.
Securing the fit of your dream wedding dress

A perfectly fitted bodice

  • Now pull the bodice of the dress up and into place. 
  • If your wedding dress has an elastic strap do this up in the same way you would do up your bra strap. Then fasten the hook and eye at the top of the back neckline.
A perfectly fitted bodice on your wedding dress
  • Zip the dress up. Make sure you hold both sides together, so there isn’t too much pressure on the zip slider.
  • Once you’re zipped up, check if the zip is sitting straight along your spine. If not, move the dress back down before moving it up again into the right position.
How to get into your wedding dress zip
  • If you have buttons, carefully pull the elastic loops over each button until they’re all done up.
  • Make sure you don’t miss any buttons out, otherwise you won't have a perfectly neat line!
Buttoning up your wedding dress

Now for some fun…

  • You’re done! Now you can have some fun adding all your finishing touches, such as accessories, shoes and the all-important veil. Enjoy!
Accessorising your dream wedding dress

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