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If you're looking for a floor length wedding dress, look no further. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and silhouettes, a floor length wedding dresses is perfect for any wedding theme from boho to beach, classic or contemporary.
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How long should your wedding dress be?

When deciding how long your wedding dress should be, traditionally the front comes up 1 inch off the floor with the back of the dress touching as it becomes the train. A long wedding dress has been said symbolise tradition, yet aside from that it offers coverage and modesty. In today's world, a long wedding dress conjures up images of a regal princess about to marry her prince. A benefit of choosing to have a long bridal gown is that you can then pick how you would like to interpret your own personal style into the dress. Would you like a glittery ball gown? Or are you a more casual boho bride who wants loose fitting and minimal detail?

Our range of long wedding dresses caters to the type of wedding you want and gives you the flexibility when trying to find 'The One'. Available to try on in store today.

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