This is the one piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of your life, so choosing a wedding ring is a big decision. You may already have your perfect engagement ring or perhaps you want to buy a matching set. Whatever you're looking for, it'll be one of the most important shopping trips you've ever been on and we’re here to help…

What are your dream wedding ring styles?

One thing’s for sure, you won’t be hampered by a lack of choice! Diamonds or gemstones, platinum or gold? There are so many wedding ring styles it can seem overwhelming, so take it one step at a time. Do you want something simple or embellished? Would you like the metal to match your engagement ring? Should it match your husband-to-be’s ring too? Once you’ve worked out the answers you can start to narrow down the choices. Create a mood board with wedding ring designs you like to help.

wedding ring 1

Set your budget

Next, you should decide how much you want to spend on your ring, or rings if you're also thinking about your fiancé’s. If you want to have them engraved, don’t forget to factor that in. Your budget may well decide the kind of metal you go for. The traditional choice is between gold, white gold and platinum, with platinum generally the most expensive of the three. These days you can also find rings made from rose gold, palladium, titanium and zirconium to name a few. Prices will vary depending on the style and weight of metal you choose.

Mix or match?

Your wedding ring doesn’t have to match your engagement ring but they do need to work together. If you’re planning on wearing them both 24/7 they also need to sit comfortably side by side, so consider a shaped band that's designed to interlock with a matching engagement ring. Also, think about the style of your engagement ring. If it’s big or bold you may want a simple band. Alternatively, a simple engagement ring can work well with a wedding ring design that's full of sparkle and diamonds. Matching the metals is nice but not essential. For example, you might want the rings to be more individual because they have different meanings for you.

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Choose a wedding ring to suit your lifestyle

Remember you’ll be wearing this every day. So if you work with your hands choose a simple band that won't hamper your work and has no stones to trap dirt. If you’re very active or sporty then consider platinum, as it’s the most durable metal.

Start shopping!

This is the fun part so include your groom and shop together. Start looking about six months before the big day to allow enough time for your rings to be made, if necessary. When you’re looking at wedding ring styles be brave and try on something different, just in case. Much like wedding dress shopping, it’s great to keep an open mind about what might suit you. But also remember you want a style that won’t date, as you’ll most likely be wearing it for the next 45 years!

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Get the right ring size

Your jeweller will be able to help you find the right size but remember that heat, cold, water retention, pregnancy or weight gain will all make your fingers swell or contract. Try to shop when your body temperature isn’t too raised or too lowered. Plan your final ring fitting for a time when you're calm and your body temperature is normal. For example, not straight after exercise or following a walk across a chilly park.

So whatever you go for make sure it’s something you really love - almost as much as your husband-to-be! Then all you need to do is ensure the best man has them safe and sound on the big day…

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