We’re always looking for positive, hardworking people to join our team. To give you a glimpse into what it is like working at wed2b we asked Teri, one of our Bridal Sales Consultants to tell us all about a normal day at work and explain what it is she loves most about her job…

Wed2b's Bridal Sales Consultant Teri

First day at wed2b....

It’s a big moment walking through the doors on your first day. “On my first day I was very nervous but the team were all so friendly and happy to help,” says Teri. “My manager gave me a tour of the store and then I completed my health and safety training and started my product learning programme, to find out all about the dresses.”

“I joined wed2b because I was looking for a positive environment, something new and exciting and I also wanted to increase my salary,” says Teri. Teri wanted a job that made an impact on people’s lives, “because choosing your wedding dress is a memory you never forget.”

Expert training

At wed2b we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the service we offer to our brides and all about our beautiful dresses. Every new starter is taught about the silhouettes and the materials the dresses are made of, so you can tell your sheath from your fit ’n’ flare, as well as learning about our different designers and their unique styles. You’ll also spend time shadowing colleagues to see how they work with customers, as well as being taught how to package up a dress perfectly for the bride to take home.

“When I started, I shadowed the Assistant Manager Lottie and it was such a good experience,” says Teri. “Seeing how Lottie helped to create a really positive environment was great. The bride and her entourage spent the time laughing and smiling.”

Becoming a bridal expert

wed2b Bridal Sales Consultant training will teach you to become an expert stylist. To start off, you’ll have a number of e-learning videos and assessments. Some have interactive elements, such as trying on the dresses with and without underskirts to understand the benefits. We’ll also show you how to change mannequins and add accessories, naming the features and benefits of the whole look.

You’ll learn how to show off the dresses too, by reading about the shape and materials then showcasing them to other Bridal Consultants. “I completed a word search, then I went round the shop floor and found a dress to match each word and wrote a sentence about it,” says Teri. “My manager then walked round with me while I read the sentences to her, as if she was a bride. I also shadowed every Bridal Consultant in our store to see how they worked, as everyone has different techniques. Once you’ve done all this, another consultant will pretend to be a bride while you fit them.”

“At first learning about something you know nothing about can be quite daunting,’ says Teri. “However, everyone is available to help with any questions. Learning about the wedding dress shapes is quite easy, it’s the terminology and the new vocabulary that takes a little bit of time. Also, there are a lot of products too, with different names. When I first started, I thought that I would never learn them all! However, when you’re putting them on brides every day, the names just become natural. I’m now a walking wed2b encyclopaedia!”

A typical day at WED2B…

“When I first get into store I have a catch up to see how the previous day went,” says Teri at Milton Keynes wed2b. “Then I do a walk around to make sure the store is looking presentable. Ours is one of the biggest stores and, as you walk in, you arrive at the front desk. There’s a big display next to it, which shows the different types of products, such as pyjamas, robes, ‘Bride Tribe’ merchandise, hangers, vanity sets, headbands, scrunchies and more. Just to the left there’s a sign-in screen where we gather information about the bride and when her wedding is.”

“Then, just around the corner is where the magic is. There are lots of big rails filled with wedding dresses that range from size 6-30, as well as a massive seating area and spacious fitting rooms. We have a variety of dresses and I would say there are around 200 in the store. We have such a big turnover this changes all the time, as things really do go flying off the rails. At the Milton Keynes store we also get a delivery once a week. There are usually brand new dresses in it, which we’re always excited to see!”

Then the brides arrive…

“If a bride hasn’t tried a wedding dress on before I always recommend they try different shapes first, even if they think they don’t like a shape,” says Teri. “Nine out of 10 people leave with a style or shape they thought they didn’t want.”

“Some brides choose a dress based on their venue,” says Teri. “For example, a bride having a barn wedding might want a bohemian floaty style dress. So, I always ask if they want to match their venue or if they just want something they like and feel comfortable in. In addition to this, brides try on lots of different accessories, such as veils, tiaras, headbands, hair pieces, belts, capes, and hair slides to find what matches their personality and style, as well as to add the finishing touches to the dress.”

Fitting room help

“It’s a crazy experience helping in the fitting room,” says Teri. “You get used to just seeing everything but sometimes you’re able to give your bride confidence and make her feel good about herself and her body. I’ve also had some great conversations in there, too!”

And, if they can’t decide…

“This is often because they love them all or because they don’t love any of them, just parts of each dress,” says Teri. “If it’s the first one, then I start by adding accessories and asking lots of questions, such as what do you think your fiancé would imagine you in? Can you sit in the dress? Would you be comfortable all day? Can you dance in it? I then get them to close their eyes and I start describing their venue. I ask if they could picture themselves in that dress on their wedding day. If it’s the second option, I get them to tell me which parts of the dresses they like. Then I hunt the shop floor to find something with all of those features instead.”

Finding ‘The One’ is the best feeling

"When they find their dress it's truly the best feeling because you’ve created a special memory with that bride forever,” says Teri. “And don’t get me started on when they cry, because I start crying too!”

Any other responsibilities?

“Other responsibilities include helping staff members with any questions and queries they may have,” says Teri. “A sales consultant also ensures the store is presentable for brides, as we hold ourselves to a very high standard. As well as this, we help to find the right accessories and extras to make our customer’s day even more special. This could be anything from belts and tiaras to pyjamas, tie sets or bridesmaids’ dresses.”

And, finally, here’s what makes the job so special…

“One of my most memorable moments was when I looked after a bride who was finding the whole experience overwhelmng, her mum requested a different fitting room so she could take her time without distractions,” says Teri.  “We were laughing and joking in the fitting room and, afterwards, her mum and sister thanked me and said they haven’t heard her laugh like that in over a year. They said it was so nice for them to see her so happy.”

For Teri, being a wed2b Bridal Sales Consultant is rewarding because of the great team. “I love helping the brides find their dream dress but it’s also about the friendships I’ve made at wed2b so far,” she says. And, lastly a top tip from Teri who started with wed2b in March 2022: “Do it, it’s such an amazing and rewarding job,” she says. “And don’t be nervous, everyone is more than willing to help!”

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