A young girl’s Holy Communion is a significant milestone, symbolising her commitment to the Catholic faith. It’s also a celebration, when she gets to wear a beautiful and meaningful Holy Communion dress and enjoy herself with family and friends.

Dress featured: Agnes

A significant purchase

A Holy Communion dress is therefore far more than just a pretty outfit. It’s an essential part of the moment a child first receives the Eucharist, which has real spiritual significance. The dress is symbolic and represents the child’s purity, innocence and readiness to take part in this special occasion.

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The right dress needs to strike the perfect balance between modesty, style and religious significance. It also needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day. And, your little girl needs to feel really great wearing it, as she’s probably been looking forward to this big day for some time! 

Dress featured: Felicity

So, below, we’ve put together a few essential tips to help you find the perfect Holy Communion dress for this important day for all the family…

When to buy

Traditionally families needed to choose a Holy Communion dress months in advance but luckily, at wed2b, we do things differently. We offer beautiful off-the-peg dresses that you can take home the same day or order online for next day delivery. This is particularly useful if you’re worried your daughter might have a growth spurt before the special day!

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That said, most Holy Communions happen between March and May. So, if you have a particular style in mind or would like to have some alterations made, we recommend you start looking around December/January time. You can also contact our brilliant team to find out about stock in your area.

How much should I spend?

Holy Communion dresses can vary in price, so make sure you decide on a budget and stick to it. Remember that you can find beautiful dresses at various price points (our Serena Rae dresses start from just £149.99). So there’s no need to overspend to make the day memorable.

Dress featured: Lisette

Colour and style

Different parishes may have different rules, so the first thing to do is check whether your church has any guidelines on colour, hem length etc. White is the traditional colour, as it symbolises purity and innocence, although off-white and ivory are also worn.

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When it comes to style, modesty and simDress featured: Felicityplicity are key, and your daughter should look smart but not too grown up. Make sure you involve your child in the decision-making process too, so she feels a part of this important day. 

Dress featured: Orla

The most popular styles are tea-length or ankle-length gowns with classic A-line or princess silhouettes. Understated details are fine, so look for pretty lace, soft tulle or elegant shimmering Mikado that will make your daughter feel super special. Our Serena Rae designs also have cute extras she’ll love, like sweet bows and pockets for her little essentials!

Comfort is key

A dress this special needs to be worn all day, so it’s important that it’s comfortable and your daughter feels free to sit and move in it. So, soft flowing fabrics and unrestrictive long or cap sleeves are great, as well as simple back fastenings. A well-fitted dress will not only look better but also allow her to enjoy her day to the full. And, if you're celebrating with a family party after the main event, look for full skirts that are perfect for twirling on the dance floor!

Simple accessories

Next, think about accessories. Shoes are traditionally white with minimal detailing. Just make sure they’re comfortable, as your child will be wearing them for a while. Any other accessories should be kept simple and modest, such as a delicate cross necklace or classic white gloves. Our beautiful satin-edged child's veil will look delightful or try a cute halo or hair comb. These dresses also look charming with a simple belt at the waist.

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The personal touch

Lastly, why not add something personal, such as embroidered initials, to make it even more special? Alternatively, your daughter might like to wear a treasured item of jewellery, that other family members have worn, too.

For more inspiration take a look at our Serena Rae collection of Holy Communion dresses, available to order online and in selected stores.