It’s also the one accessory that will truly make you look and feel like a bride, so how do you choose the right one? 

Below, our Bridal Consultants have put together their top tips on how to choose the perfect wedding veil and wear it with style. Also, for more expert advice, you can head to your nearest WED2B store where our staff can help you try on different veils, offer styling tips, suggest matching accessories and much, much more…

Find the right length

Many of our veils come in two or three different lengths, so it’s important to choose the right one to suit your dress, height and big day look.

  • Elbow-length: Often between 45 - 60 inches long, this is the shortest veil and the bottom edge generally sits around your elbow, hence the name! This style can add a vintage, retro vibe or a more modern feel, depending on your dress. 
  • Fingertip-length: At 60 - 75 inches long, this is one of our most popular lengths and is a classic option that finishes close to the fingertips.
  • Chapel-length: A little longer again, at about 95-120 inches, this veil usually finishes at the edge of a standard-length train. It’s a beautiful traditional look that’s slightly less dramatic than a full cathedral veil.
  • Cathedral-length: A majestic 125 - 145 inches, a cathedral-length veil will normally reach approximately 12 inches or so past your train. This is a veil that delivers an unforgettable statement that's formal and a touch regal. The right one will trail gracefully beyond your dress as you move and frame you in a soft mist of tulle.

How many tiers?

Single-tier and double-tier veils allow you to select the level of volume that's right for you. You can also double up on veils to create a completely customised two-tier effect with just the right amount of bounce.

To embellish or not to embellish?

The trim or beading on your veil doesn't have to mimic your dress's details perfectly, but it's lovely when they complement each other. For example, a lace dress works well with a veil decorated with lace appliqués, while a satin gown might look amazing with a satin-edged veil. Alternatively, if your dress is heavily embellished, a simple veil with few details will let the dress shine through. On the other hand, an understated gown can look fabulous with a more decorative veil. Whatever style you go for, just remember your veil and your dress need to work together not compete for attention.

The perfect position

Most veils can be worn in a number of ways and where you place it will create a different look. For example, wearing your wedding veil on the top of your head gives it a more traditional feel. Wearing it on the crown of the head is a touch more contemporary, while the back of the head is sophisticated and classic. Moving your veil even a few centimetres can be transformational, so try out different placements and different veils in store to see which one suits you best.

Think about your hairstyle too

A neat chignon or relaxed, free-flowing locks will need completely different veil placement. For example, a chic bun allows you to place your veil underneath, to show off your updo. If your hair is loose you can pin your veil to the crown of your head to add volume.

Mix it up

Finally, changing your veil is a great way to completely revamp your big day outfit. Also, while a veil is perfect for the ceremony, you may find that it gets in the way once the wedding breakfast starts. So, consider swapping it for a pretty comb or floral headband after the vows are done. This will create two looks in one and means it won't trip you up when it’s time to hit the dance floor!

5 of the best...

Still not sure which style of wedding veil is for you? Here are five of our most popular choices to inspire you…

Let’s start with traditional Maisie, a beautiful veil edged in pretty scalloped lace. This veil makes a statement in its own right and is perfect with an understated, classic look, particularly one with complementary lace detailing.

Maisie a wedding veil by Amixi
Veil featured: Maisie by Amixi

Veil featured: Maisie

Modern Loulou is one of our most popular styles and comes in both elbow-length and fingertip length. Made from soft, floaty tulle it also has a delicate satin edge that frames the face beautifully and appears to spiral as it cascades down.

Loulou a wedding veil by Amixi
Veil featured: Loulou by Amixi

Veil featured: Loulou

Why not add a little extra sparkle to your look with glittering Bellatrix? This chic veil has a stunning scalloped edge, embellished with beautiful iridescent teardrop crystals. It comes in three different lengths and looks just as striking with a sleek contemporary gown as it does with something a little more bohemian.

Bellatrix a wedding veil by Amixi
Veil featured: Bellatrix by Amixi

Rococo features pretty shimmering beading that works beautifully with many of our stunning floral gowns. Available in popular chapel-length, the soft tulle and delicate floral patterns make this veil particularly eye-catching.

Rococo a wedding veil by Amixi
Veil featured: Rococo by Amixi

Alternatively, keep it simple with our gorgeous Willa veil. Made from classic plain tulle with a single tier, Willa has everything you need from a wedding veil. It’s beautiful, light and understated, and works wonderfully with absolutely every style of wedding dress. Plus, it comes in three different lengths. It will surround you with a soft veil of tulle while letting you and your dress shine through. Perfect, job done!

Willa a wedding veil by Amixi
Veil featured: Willa by Amixi

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