Jade and David posing outside in front of their wedding venue

Jade and David met on Bumble. “I was then one and a half hours late to our first date,” says Jade. “I did tell him I was running late, as I work for the NHS and was with a patient who needed my help. However, by the time we met in The Falcon, I was so flustered (and late) that I rocked up in shorts and a T-shirt. I brought the first two rounds. Luckily, his family also worked for the NHS, so he understood and our first date lasted until closing.”

Jade and her grandmother on the morning of her wedding

A relaxed proposal on a familiar walk

The couple were on their usual walk when David proposed. “It was so unexpected that I didn’t have a clue!” says Jade. “We got to the top and there was a dog that I was interested in but, this time, he wasn’t. It turned out it was because he was nervous and was thinking more about the proposal than the doggo!”

Jade's wed2b wedding dress and a fur jacket Jade posing in her fit and flare wedding dress in the bridal suite

Shopping for the dress

“I discovered WED2B after a fellow NHS colleague visited for her wedding,” says Jade. “It was perfect for me, as I didn’t want to spend a fortune but also had no idea what dress would suit me. It worked out perfectly. The staff were amazing at letting me try different styles and also gave me the honest feedback I needed.”

Jade and David's Country house wedding venue
Jade and David's beautiful Country house wedding venue

Jade chose Cherie. “The WED2B staff helped me try all the different styles and I soon realised that strapless suited me best,” says Jade. “After a bit of debate between Suzette, Anya and Cherie, we eventually decided that Cherie was the best. I absolutely loved the cut and the fit. Everyone agreed it was ‘The One’!”

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Jade and Daniel's wedding ceremony all set up

An easy venue decision

“Funnily enough, we only looked at one venue before we made a decision,” says Jade. “My NHS work meant I didn’t have time to choose between lots of different options, due to a busy time. Manor By The Lake in the Cotswolds did fusion weddings and also catered for Indian cuisine, which was a must for me. We chose a date in February, as we got engaged in Feb 2021.”

Jade in her fit and flare wedding dress with her bridesmaids helping her fasten her gown
Jade walking down the stairs at her country house wedding venue

A beautiful fusion wedding day

“We had a complete fusion wedding,” says Jade. “There was traditional English attire, Indian food, a string quartet and Indian music in the day. Then, in the evening, we jazzed it up and changed into Indian outfits with fusion food and a wedding band."

Jade walking down the aisle with her grandmother

“My nan walked me down the aisle, as she’s my only grandparent left. We also kept everything else fairly simple and let the venue speak for itself.”

Jade and David during their wedding ceremony, holding hands
Jade and David holding hands during their wedding ceremony

“Straight after the ceremony we had our professional photos done while the guests enjoyed our amazing string quartet,” says Jade. “Then, after the wedding breakfast, we quickly changed into our Indian clothes to embrace our fusion wedding theme.”

Jade and ceremony walking out of their wedding ceremony walking through confetti
Jade and David posing outside in front of their wedding venue

With a little help from our friends

“Our theme was completely focused on us, our family and our friends,” says Jade. “One of my best friends made our wedding cake, as part of our gift, and it was the most amazing thing. There were three layers, which included lemon drizzle, mango and coconut and white chocolate and raspberry. Each layer was absolutely delicious!”

Jade and posing in front of her wedding venue with friends and family
Jade and David with all their wedding guests

“Our entertainment included a string quartet in the day, then a live band and DJ set in between,” says Jade. “The band were amazing at helping us stick to our fusion wedding theme by playing a mix of live music, Indian Bhangra, R&B and cheesy classics!”

Jade and David's seating plan for their wedding reception
Jade and David's wedding cake

The best bits…

“The most memorable part of the day was spending time mingling with our guests,” says Jade. “Our photographer was also amazing and got our photos done in 20 minutes. It meant we could actually spend time with our family and friends on our special day.”

Jade and David's wedding breakfast table setting Jade and David cutting their wedding cake in their Indian wedding outfits

My top tips…

“My top tip to future brides is don’t worry about the small stuff,” says Jade. “As long as you and your guests are having fun, everything else falls into place and you will have the most amazing day!”

Jade and David walking outside during the evening in their Indian wedding outfit Jade and David having their first wedding dance

Jade and David’s Dream Team

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