Real bride Jessa and her professional wedding photo

Jessa and Philip met on Tinder. “We swiped right and here we are!” says Jessa. “That happened when the pandemic started and, of course, we were looking forward to see each other in person and being together for real. We all know that lots of countries were placed in lockdown the moment Covid-19 surged. Philip couldn’t come to the Philippines, I couldn’t come to visit him in the UK.”

Jessa on the morning of her wedding

“So, we planned to meet in the Maldives after nine months of a long-distance relationship. Our very first meeting, the first touch, the first kiss felt surreal. We were both very happy we’d come that far.”

Jessa and her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding

A Valentine’s Day proposal

“It happened the 14th of February, right on time for the Valentine’s Day,” says Jessa. “We went for a short walk, which is one of the things we enjoy doing together. He took me to Gelt Wood in Cumbria. Then, beside the river where the rapids hits the big rocks, he knelt down and popped the question. It was one of the happiest days of my life. After being in a relationship for almost two years and living together for a few months, Philip was very sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I also made one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I said, yes.”

Jessa all dresses in her gorgeous WED2B wedding dress

Shopping for the dress

“My mother-in-law and sister-in-law took me to WED2B in Carlisle,” says Jessa. “I am very pleased with the service I received. The ladies were lovely and they knew what brides like me wanted. They were very caring, yet very professional. I enjoyed every moment I was in the store, as I felt comfortable with all the staff inside. They were very nice and they really know what they’re doing.”

Jessa at her registry office wedding in her WED2B wedding dress

Jessa chose WED2B’s Tate dress. “The wedding was a spring registry wedding and I wanted something simple, yet elegant,” she says. “The moment I tried on this dress, I knew for sure I was taking it home. I wanted a minimalist gown to match my intimate wedding and it made my day even more special. I love how it showed off my collarbones and hugged my figure. Overall, I was really happy with how the dress fitted me. I looked absolutely gorgeous and stunning on one of the most special days of our lives.” (For similar styles try Frankie, Palermo or Colleen)

Jessa and her bridesmaids at her registry office wedding

A spring registry wedding

The couple married in Penrith Registry Office on the 25th March 2022. “The first time I saw the room is when we gave notice and I felt like this is where it was supposed to happen,” says Jessa. “Like something’s telling me that this is the perfect place for the very perfect moment. The room was just enough for all of our guests and this registry office is just in front of a church.”

Jessa walking down the aisle

“I’ve always wanted a church wedding but, since we had a short time to get ready, we decided to go with a small one. I could hear the bells of the church ringing as we both said our vows and it made the moment feel like a church wedding.”

Jessa and Philip repeating their wedding vows

The big day

“Philip and I got ready in our house in Carlisle but in different rooms,” says Jessa. “My two bridesmaids helped me get ready and made sure my fiancé didn’t see me. It was a very sunny day, and it seemed like heaven was smiling on us and saying that everything is happening at the right moment.”

Jessa and Philip's wedding rings

“Philip went by himself to the Registry Office and then my bridesmaids and I followed by car,” says Jessa. “I walked myself down the aisle to the piano version of ‘Beautiful in White’. The most special moment during the ceremony was when we were pronounced husband and wife and we couldn’t hide the joy we felt. We were both trying to stop ourselves from crying and we walked out to the piano version of ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’.”

Jessa and Philip's confetti wedding photo shot

A stylish meal

“After the ceremony, the guests lined up to throw confetti, then the photographer took pictures of us in St. Andrew’s Churchyard, where we shared lots of kisses, smiles and hugs.”

Jessa and Philip's wedding photo with the daffodils

“After the photos, we headed to the reception at Roundthorn Country House in Penrith. We wanted to have a meal for a limited number of people and Roundthorn Country House was a few minutes drive away. The view and the garden in front were amazing. When we got there we realised we had made the right decision and were very happy. We took lots of photos and captured memories inside and outside, especially with us and all of the guests.”

Jessa and Philip laughing on their wedding day

Pretty pinks and blues

“Our wedding theme was a mix of blue and pink,” says Jessa. “Pink is my favourite colour and my husband’s is blue. All of the guests agreed to wear something with a touch of pink and blue and we had our cake made with blue and pink flowers. Dinner was a three-course meal and favours were personalised scented candles with signs and a quote tied on with ribbon. We all sat on one rectangular table, facing each other, so everyone could talk to us. The table was designed by the hotel staff and it matched our theme of an intimate wedding.”

Jessa and Philip cutting their wedding cake

So many special moments

“Every moment of the day was very special for us, but the most memorable moment was during the ceremony,” says Jessa. “My fiancé is a shy person and the way he said every word of the vows touched my heart. His eyes told me he wants it, he wants me, he wants us to be together until the end, saying he’ll love me and look after me no matter what. His tone of voice was soft and loving. I can’t help but smile reminiscing about that moment.”

Jessa and Philip's first kiss as husband and wife

My top tips…

“Please don’t worry and be anxious that something will go wrong,” says Jessa. “You attract what you think. The cost of the wedding doesn’t matter, only spend what you can afford and don’t take a loan or borrow money, just to have an expensive one. You don’t want to enter married life with debts, do you? The most important part of the day is you and your partner becoming one. Don’t worry about your guests, choosing them to be a part of your special day is already a gift to them.”

Philip's wedding speech

Jessa and Philip’s Dream Team

Photographer: PH Weddings

Venues: Penrith Registry Office and Roundthorn Country House

Wedding dresses Carlisle: WED2B

Hair: Carlisle Wedding Hair

Makeup: Makeup by Becky

Flowers: Baytree Florist Carlisle

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