Clean and store your wedding dress

Don’t leave it too long to get your dress cleaned, otherwise those stains are here to stay. Check out some of our recommended suppliers, such as Gown Clean Ltd  and Wedclean, who are the experts when it comes to dealing with stubborn stains. At WED2B we also offer specialist wedding dress storage boxes, that are great for travelling with your dress and for packing it after the big day. Don’t forget, we also have stylish jewellery or vanity cases too, so you can safely store your accessories and jewellery.

Alternatively, you could consider repurposing your dress. Depending on the style, it might be suitable for dyeing or you could have it altered and turned into a stunning evening gown or a wow-factor skirt. Check out our supplier’s page for alteration specialists who can advise you.


Make sure nothing goes to waste after the big day. As your guests leave encourage them to take home the flower displays. Alternatively, why not contact a local care home or hospital before the wedding and see if they would like them to brighten up their rooms when you’re done? The same goes for any other decor. Sell your centrepieces, bunting, glass jars, etc, online or donate them to friends or charity.

Pack for the honeymoon

According to our 2021 survey, over 50% of our just married couples are heading abroad after the wedding for sun and relaxation, while 15% will be having a staycation. Whatever you have planned, whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, a mini break or a long weekend in a local hotel, now is the time to get your packing sorted. If you’re still saving up, then replace your wedding mood board with a travel mood board and let yourself get excited about where you might go and what you might do.

Write thoughtful thank you notes

Everyone loves a prompt thank you note and your guests have put time and love into choosing your gifts, so it’s important to make them feel appreciated. If you have time to make them really personal, then even better.

Legally change your name (if you want to)

If you’re planning to change your name then think about when you start the process. Changing your name is free but can be time consuming. So, if you’re just married and planning to travel straight after the wedding, you may want to wait until you get back. Just so there’s no confusion with passports, airline tickets and new names!

You can actually change your name on your passport up to three months before the wedding. The new passport is post-dated, which means it’s valid from the date of your ceremony and can’t be used before then. Some countries also won’t issue visas for post-dated passports, so do check with the consulate of any country you plan to visit. Click here for more details about applying for a passport in your new name.

You’ll also need to send your marriage certificate, or a copy of it, to a number of other relevant authorities and companies. The list is long, so start with the important ones:

– Your bank
– Credit card companies
– Mortgage supplier
– Employer
– Doctor
– Your local council, for council tax and the electoral register.

Then consider student loans, pension providers, phone/broadband supplier, doctor, dentist, gym, vet, insurance suppliers, utility companies and more. Phew!

Make a wedding album

Now’s the time to arrange your favourite photos in a beautiful album, so you can relive all those happy memories. Make sure you have copies of photos from friends and family, as well as your photographer, before you start to compile it.

Create a keepsake box

Choose a few of your favourite mementos, things like decorations, notes, the favours, some confetti, your favourite cards, and put them all together in a lovely keepsake box that you store with your wedding album.

Review your suppliers

Did your suppliers do a good job? Then let them know. An online review counts for a lot, so make sure you leave positive reviews for the suppliers you were really happy with. It’s also really helpful for other brides who are just starting out on their planning journey.

Find a new challenge

Avoid the post-wedding blues with a new challenge. If you loved creating your DIY decor, why not get more into crafting, scrapbooking or similar. If creating that wedding postbox helped you realise you’re good with your hands, what about a furniture up-cycling or jewellery making course? Don’t wallow in the post-wedding blues, get out there and find something to fill the space instead!

Share your day with us

Just married and fancy featuring as one of our Real Bride Stories? Then get in touch! We’d love to hear about your big day and the more detail the better. Just click here to send us your favourite photos and tell us about all the special moments.  We endeavour to feature as many of our beautiful brides as possible!

Now for the best and most important part of your post wedding checklist….

Lastly, spend time with your new partner

The wedding was amazing but, let’s be honest, it’s really all about the marriage afterwards, isn’t it? And the fun doesn’t have to stop once the confetti has blown away. Enjoy being loved up and just married. Make those travel plans for weekends away. Go on date nights. Stay home and have movie nights. If money’s tight, go for local walks together and find cosy country pubs. Make plans for the years to come, and get excited about them instead. It’s a cliché but it’s true, this isn’t the end of something, it’s the start of a long and happy life together. Although, if that’s still not quite enough, don’t forget you can always start planning an epic first anniversary party too!

Just married? Then click here to share your wedding story and photos with us to be one of our real weddings. Also, check out our suppliers page, for dress cleaning, alterations and more.