Leah and Taylor were childhood sweethearts and met when they went to the same college when they were 16. “We had been together for a 10 years before Taylor popped the question,” says Leah. “Taylor had been travelling the world with the army before this, and now was the right time.”

Plans turn upside down

“Our planned wedding, on the 1st April 2021, was cancelled, as the country was in lockdown,” says Leah. “Our honeymoon was already booked for October in the Maldives. Unfortunately, we were unable to cancel it because its was months away. Also, the Covid Red List could change, so we couldn’t ask for a refund or move the dates.”

A last-minute Maldives wedding

“10 days before we were due to fly out, the Maldives was put on the Green List,” says Leah. “So, we had to go or we would lose the money! Taylor said, ‘Why don’t we just get married out there? Our plans have completely turned upside down, so let’s make the most of it’. And that’s how our original honeymoon became our wedding, due to the pandemic. Well, how could you say no to a Maldives wedding!”

Just three days to find the dress...

“So, we frantically rushed down to Birmingham WED2B and were greeted by the friendly staff,” says Leah. “We explained that we had to find a dress, as it was Saturday and we were flying out on Tuesday. Taylor was also there to help me choose, as I couldn’t do it alone. After all, we were breaking with tradition, so why would this matter now!”

Dream dress sorted in just 1 hour!

“Our story truly captured the store’s team and they were all on hand to help me find ‘The One’,” says Leah. “I’m a small size 6 and I needed my dress to be lightweight and not need much altering, so it was never going to be an easy task. But three dresses later, I found it!”

“We had a dress and accessories, and we were in and out within an hour with the biggest smile on our faces! The team just made everything easy. For the original wedding date I had a different dress, from a Cotswold bridal shop, but the service I got at WED2B knocked this out the park. Now I always advise brides-to-be to just head straight to WED2B. The service was completely faultless and personal in every single way.”

Married just one week later...

Leah chose Sorrento. “I needed a dress that was lightweight because of the Maldivian climate and one which didn’t need altering, as time was not on my side,” says Leah. “To put it into perspective, I went to WED2B on Saturday 16th October, and I flew to the Maldives on Tuesday 19th. Then I got married on Saturday 23rd October. Exactly one week after choosing my wedding dress!” (For similar styles try Bohdi, Sidney or Sian)

The big day

“As it was our honeymoon, it was just Taylor and I there,” says Leah. “I would have never originally planned it this way, however it was the best decision we made and everything just fell into place. And, I hate to say this – but it’s true – it was better than our original wedding plans. The weather was just beautiful at 30℃, even for poor Taylor in his wedding suit. We walked down the white sand aisle together, overlooking the Maldivian crystal clear blue sea with a band playing in the background. Bliss!”

“After the ceremony we had a seven-course beach BBQ with a live band on a remote part of the island,” says Leah. “There was a palm tree theme with a three-tier wedding cake, all for ourselves.”

Our favourite memories…

“We put a message in a coconut and threw it out to sea…. Only to have our message in the coconut float to our sea hut four days later!” says Leah. “We now have our coconut at home, as it was clearly destined to be with us.”

Leah and Taylor's last-minute Maldives wedding
Leah and Taylor’s last-minute Maldives wedding

My top tip… Go to WED2B!

“Hand on heart, just go straight to WED2B,” says Leah. “Honestly it was the best experience and they made everything so easy. The team connected with me and they went through my journey with me. Everything was faultless from start to finish. I could not recommend it enough and I truly mean that!”

Leah’s Dream Team

Venue: LUX Maldives

Wedding dresses Birmingham: WED2B

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