Bride and groom stood in middle of New York City street

Liam and Nicole actually went to school together but never met, as he was two years older. “We then met six years later,” says Nicole. “For our first date Liam picked me up and took me to a country pub for a lovely meal. I was really nervous but we didn't stop talking all night. We recently went back to the same pub for a date night, the day before we flew out for our New York City wedding.”

A Christmas proposal

Liam proposed at home on Christmas Day 2019. “It was just us and our dog, and it was perfect,” says Nicole. “We had been together for almost four years and I was completely surprised! After we had opened our presents, he came downstairs with a necklace-shaped box, wrapped in tin foil. As I opened that, he pulled the ring out from his sock and got down on one knee.”

Finding the dream dress

Bride having corset fastened, view of New York City skyline with wedding dress hanging in window

“I’ve followed WED2B on Facebook and Instagram for a while and some of my friends found their dresses there,” says Nicole. “My WED2B experience was perfect. I visited the store with my best friend on my 27th birthday. At the store, Tammy and her mum looked after us and I felt like Tammy knew more about what suited me than I did! She made it clear from the start that they weren't on any commission and this put me totally at ease with my choices. I didn't feel rushed in any way and the recommendations for dressmakers was so helpful. The day couldn't have gone any better."

“I tried on five dresses and decided to go with Violette with the Katherina jacket,” says Nicole.

“I felt like a million dollars wearing the dress. Also, to be honest, since trying the dress on at the store, I have been so much more positive and confident about my body. That’s all down to the team at WED2B Stoke.”

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A New York City wedding 

“We visited New York for New Year’s Eve 2019 and welcomed in 2020 from Central Park, watching amazing fireworks,” says Nicole. “Liam had just proposed, and we were in such a little love bubble because the place was so special to us. Following Covid and all of the uncertainties, we decided to elope and get married in Central Park.” 

Bride and groom kissing in Central Park with skyscrapers in background

“The only people who came with us were my sister Emilia and her partner Kynan,” says Nicole. “Emilia gave me away and she also photographed our amazing day. We got married at Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. Liam chose this particular spot, as it's featured in one of his favourite childhood films Home Alone. He loves the idea of watching it with our kids one day and telling them that's where their mum and dad got married.”

Bride and groom stood with sister and partner

The big day

The wedding was on 26th February 2022. “We were staying in the Penthouse Suite at the MADE Hotel in Manhattan,” says Nicole.

“In the morning, Liam left our hotel room and went to my sister’s hotel to spend time with Kynan. They went to the barbers together and had a drink before meeting us at Gapstow Bridge. Meanwhile, my sister and I had our hair and makeup done together, and she helped me into my beautiful dress.”

Bride and groom walking through streets of New York

“It was so nerve-racking coming down the lift in the hotel where everyone could see me! We then jumped in a yellow cab to the park. The weather was my favourite, cold but beautiful blue skies. Near Central Park, 6th Avenue was closed, so I got out and walked about six streets in my wedding dress! It was scary but it made my nerves disappear. Along the way, people were congratulating me and someone even asked if I was getting married!”

Personalised vows

“My sister walked me down the aisle and I was so grateful for everything her and Kynan did on the day,” says Nicole. “The ceremony was short but we wrote our own vows. I included all of the things I loved about Liam and how excited I was for our future. He said I had shown him a different way of life with travelling and called me his best friend. It was so special.”

Bride stood in wedding dress on road

“After the ceremony, we spent time in Central Park,” says Nicole. “At Bethesda Fountain there was a busker playing John Legend’s ‘All of Me’. It was a poignant moment and we decided it would be our official wedding song. We also had some photos on 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue with the iconic yellow cabs in the background. Later, we stopped for a quick hot dog at a nearby stand before getting the subway back to the hotel. We all freshened up and went out for a great Italian meal." 

Bride and groom stood embracing on New York city subway

“The next day was the happiest feeling for me,” says Nicole. “I was married to my best friend and we spent the day cycling across Brooklyn Bridge in the sun. During the rest of our trip we saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, had a meal at the top of the World Trade Centre and went to a NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.”

So many great memories

“I'm so pleased we were brave enough to write our own vows and read them out to each other,” says Nicole. “I took flowers with me and I used some neutral dried flowers, which I just loved. As a Christmas gift, Liam also got me some personalised trainers to wear on the day, which read ‘NYC 2022’ on one shoe and ‘NN 1994’ on the other shoe.”

Bride and groom walking holding hands in New York City street

“One of the most memorable moments was when we were pronounced husband and wife,” says Nicole. “Some passersby had gathered to watch and they all cheered and clapped for us. Also, as Liam left the hotel, we had the sweetest moment and a cuddle. I could see he was nearly crying, which never happens. We also got married on the sixth anniversary of our first date, so we can celebrate just one date in the future!”

My top tips…

“Do what you both want to do and not what others want you to do,” says Nicole.

“If you want it to just be the two of you then go for it and spend the money on yourselves. Comfort is paramount! Don’t force yourself to wear heels if they won't be seen anyway. I was so thankful for my trainers on the day. During the planning, always stop and ask yourselves, is this really what we want? Are we trying to impress others? The day itself goes by so quickly, so making the whole day about us was the best decision we ever made. I would recommend the same to anyone else.”

Bride and groom stood in middle of New York City street

Nicole’s Dream Team 

Photography: Emilia Drag (@photographybyemiliadrag)

New York City Wedding Organisers: Le Image

Wedding dress: WED2B

Makeup and Hair: Lady Glam NYC 

Videographer: Luka Funduk

Flowers: Alen Petr Floral

Groom's Suit: Moss Bros

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