Abbie and Josh first met in July 2017. “We were actually introduced on Facebook (very modern, I know!) but we knew a few of the same people,” says Abbie. “Although, we didn't go straight into the dating game. We were friends first and took it slow and steady but I found my best friend and my soulmate in one person, so I got lucky!”

“Josh had thought out and planned the proposal perfectly,” says Abbie. “He knows how much my family's input means to me, so he asked for my dad's permission beforehand, by taking him to one of his favourite football team's matches! Luckily enough, the team won, so my dad was in great form.”

A magical proposal

“Josh had planned to propose to me on Christmas Day 2019, however, this didn't happen,” says Abbie. “Instead he proposed at Antrim Castle Gardens' Enchanted Winter Garden event. It was perfect - there were huge Christmas trees, beautiful lights everywhere and, to top it off, a Ferris wheel. I've loved Ferris wheels since I was little and Josh proposed right at the top. He had the engagement ring with him and his dad had told him if I said the night was ‘magical’ it would be the right time. It was perfect and I felt on top of the world. I also wasn't expecting us to get engaged anytime soon, so it was a huge surprise.”

Shopping for the dress

Abbie found her dream dress in WED2B’s Belfast store. “I honestly couldn't have had a better experience,” she says. “The girls there were fantastic and they made me feel like a million dollars. I actually fell in love with two completely different styles of dress. And, long story short, I left the store with a fitted dress and 20 minutes later I was back saying the other dress was the one for me! Talk about dramatic! I'm so glad I changed my mind, though. The dress I wore was Jamie, a princess-style, show-stopping dress with a heart-shaped keyhole back and delicate lace.” (For similar styles try Lennon, Cherie or Sarah)

A local church with history

The couple married on Thursday 8th April at their local church. “Josh has been going to church there his whole life and my granny was actually in the church choir back in the day,” says Abbie. “It's a lovely, big church with stained glass windows and a lot going on. It’s also beautifully decorated.”

The big day

“My dad walked me down the aisle to the Brooklyn Duo's version of Elvis's ‘Can't Help Falling in Love with You’, which is one of my favourite songs of all time,” says Abbie. “It symbolises what my feelings were for Josh during our build up to falling in love. The weather was dry, a little windy, but we didn't care! In the UK if it’s dry, then you've done well! Due to coronavirus we weren't able to have the reception we wanted at Belfast Castle, so we had some photographs taken there, in its stunning grounds. Then we went home with our parents and Josh's brother and had a feed!”

A fairy tale theme wedding

“My theme was ‘Woodland fairy tale theme wedding’,” says Abbie. “This is the theme I always have wanted, since I was a little girl. There were logs, fairy lights, lanterns, ivory, a beautiful neutral floral archway. Even thinking about it still gives me a flash of pride. My mum is so creative and she handmade our wedding favours, which were beautiful diamond-encrusted, rustic style candles with a rose gold glass heart inside engraved with ‘A&J 08.04.21’. Everyone who received one was so complimentary.”

My top tips…..

“My top tip is to enjoy every single moment, that’s what I did,” says Abbie. “Your wedding day goes by in a flash, and there's such a long build up to it and so much anxiety around it. But, on the day, time really flies by. Take it all in, straighten up your crown girls and enjoy the best day of your life!”

Abbie’s Dream Team 

Photographer: Stephen Whiteside Photography

Wedding dresses Belfast: WED2B 

Florist: Blooms Of Belfast 

Makeup: Amanda Wilson

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