Chloe and Edd on their wedding day

Chloe and Edd met in high school when they were just 15 years old. “We spoke for two weeks nonstop over social media, then Edd asked me to be his girlfriend in a text,” says Chloe. “After this, we spent every lunch and afternoon together and spoke for hours and hours on the phone. We’ve been inseparable ever since! Now, nearly 13 years on, we’re still as happy as ever.”

Chloes WED2B lace wedding dress

A clever surprise proposal

Edd proposed on the couple’s 10 year anniversary. “I expected it to happen on the anniversary of  Edd asking me to be his girlfriend (16th July),” says Chloe. “However, he wanted to catch me off guard, so he proposed on the 15th of July and he got the surprised look he was hoping for!”

Chloe's bridesmaids helping to fasten her wedding dress

“He planned to take me to Barcelona to propose but, due to Covid, this couldn’t go ahead. As he didn’t want to wait any longer,”

"Edd decided that we would have a staycation at a glamping retreat in Derbyshire instead. He proposed in the garden room with the sun shining, a view of the beautiful fields and farm animals and a bottle of champagne waiting for us."

Chloe revealing herself in her wedding dress to her mum

“I was so shocked and excited, I forgot to answer him but I think he already knew the answer anyway. After all the happy tears, and receiving my stunning engagement ring, I eventually remembered to say yes!”

Chloe's big reveal for her bridesmaids and flowergirls

Shopping for the dress

Chloe’s older sister bought her wedding dress at WED2B. “She said her experience was perfect, so I knew exactly where I wanted to go,” says Chloe.

“I wanted something that was beautiful but affordable, which I well and truly achieved. When I got to the Bolton store, the staff where very welcoming and couldn’t do enough for my mum and I. They also made me feel really comfortable, as I was a little nervous.”

Chloe with her bridal party

An unexpected choice

“I tried on about five dresses, the staff listened to exactly what I wanted and brought out what I asked for. What I didn’t realise was that they knew what would look better on me and also brought out Astrid, a style I never ever thought I would go for. But I loved it!”

Chloe and two of her bridesmaids under an ivory wedding veil

"I also added a belt and a long veil and I walked around the shop feeling a million dollars. I couldn’t wait to take it home and the dress was wrapped up very carefully in boxes to ensure it was safe on the journey. The whole experience felt very personal and I really felt the staff cared about each and every bride that walked through the door.”

Chloe and Edd's wedding signage

A brand new venue

The couple married at Foxtail Barns in Staffordshire. “We found it on Google and then we were in the area to see its sister venue and stumbled across it,” says Chloe. “When we drove in we were quite confused, as we expected to see a venue. However, we soon realised it wasn’t built yet!”

Bride and groom's flowergirls walking down the aisle

"We looked at diagrams of what the venue would eventually look like and we loved the photos so much that we took a risk and booked it. To this day we don’t understand how we looked at a building site and knew that this was the place for us but it felt right from the moment we set foot on the site."

Chloe and Edd's page boy coming down the aisle

The big day

“We got ready at the Hilton Hotel in Stoke on Trent,” says Chloe. “Then we moved onto the venue at 11am, where we had the last finishing touches and I got into my dress while my maids put on their beautiful pink bridesmaids dresses.”

Chloe walking down the aisle with her mum

“The ceremony was at 1:30pm and my mum walked me down the aisle as unfortunately, my dad passed away just before Christmas last year. This moment was really special for me and my mum and I loved having her walk me down the aisle.”

Chloe and Edd on their wedding day about to say their wedding vows

“The weather was stunning, a red hot 26℃. Our music was performed by a very talented guitarist, Liam Price Music. We had ‘Marry Me’ by Train as I was walking down the aisle. My favorite moment of the ceremony was walking in and seeing Edd waiting. I will never forgot the look on his face when he saw me.”

Edd and CHloe repeating their wedding vows Bride and groom officially husband and wife

The afterparty

“Liam played for our guests while we went to do our couple shots,” says Chloe. “All the guests had strawberries and cream and crisps for the canapés, which went down a treat. We were taken on a golf kart to go with the photographer, which was amazing! Later, our first dance was to ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ by Brett Young and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.”

Chloe and Edd's classic confetti wedding shot

A pretty woodland theme

“Our theme was woodland, with lots of green trees and splashes of pink from the pink bridesmaids dresses,” says Chloe. “We also had a green tree swing in the evening for a photo opportunity for guests. This was provided by the amazing Thornton Events. We had a saxophone player on the dance floor and an amazing DJ, who blew all the guests away with their fantastic entertainment.”

Bride and groom's woodland wedding theme table decor

The best bits…

“The most memorable moment for me was walking down the aisle and seeing Edd’s face,” says Chloe. “Also, before my dad passed away, I took him to the venue to show him what it looked like, and he handed me a pinecone from underneath a tree.”

Chloe and Edd's wedding speeches

“I kept it in my bag and, unknowingly, it become a very sentimental item to me, so I had it in my bouquet. At midnight, the photographer took me and Edd outside and stood us in front of the tree. He lit up the whole tree in my dad’s favourite colour, racing green. I will never forgot this moment and how special it was to include my dad so much on our special day.”

Bride and groom with their wedding guests holding sparklers

My top tips…

“You won’t care about whatever goes wrong on the day, because you’ll be too happy,” says Chloe. “We put ourselves through so much stress for the slightest little detail, but try to concentrate on the important things and not the fine details. Your day will be perfect, no matter what happens.”

Beautiful wedding shot of bride and groom on the evening of their wedding

Chloe and Edd’s Dream Team

Photography: Adam Tranter Photography

Venue: Foxtail Barns

Event Stylists: Thornton Events

Wedding dresses Bolton: WED2B

Pink bridesmaids dresses: WED2B

Music: Liam Price Music

Sax player: Benjamminsmith

DJ: Wedding Sounds

Florist: Anita’s Secret Garden

Cake: Mrs Lyon’s Cakery 

Catering: Jenkinsons Catering

Chloe and Edd signing their marriage certifiate

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