A luxurious Signature Collection sheath with a fully beaded embroidery and intricate taping was the ideal look for this unique castle ruins wedding.

Elena and Marcel posing for photos at their castle riuns wedding venue.

Elena and Marcel first met 5 years ago in the summer of 2018. "I coached his soccer team as a fitness trainer," says Elena. "1st Date: at a bar in Nuremberg."

The Proposal

On a special day, Marcel chose his birthday to make a memory that would last a lifetime. "He went down on one knee in a restaurant in front of me, playing our song." says Elena.

Elena in her fully beaded wedding dress and a low back feature.

Discovering The Signature Collection...

Elena visited Nurnberg wed2b in Germany. "I was recommended Wed2B by a colleague." says Elena. "Super service, great advice!"

Elena chose Jac, a luxuriously beaded sheath and a statement low back.

Close up photo of Elena in her wed2b Thr Signature collection wedding dress.

"I chose it because it perfectly accentuated my figure," say Elena

"...was super comfortable to wear, and looked incredibly high-quality and special due to the pearls." "I never regretted the choice for a second during the wedding! I could move, eat, dance extensively, go to the toilet without assistance, and still looked beautiful!"

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A castle ruin wedding venue

The couple married at a place called Pörtnerhof Sesslach, a castle ruins wedding setting for their special day. Elena and Marcel found a venue with a unique view that added an extra layer of magic to their celebration.

Elena and Marcel at their castle ruins wedding venue and a back shot of Elena in her low back wedding dress.

The big day

Blessed with great weather, "I got ready with my friends, my daughter, and I got ready together at my mom's house." says Elena. The bespoke ceremony was a beautiful and emotional affair.

Elena on the morning of her wedding getting ready with her flower girl.
ELena walking with her dad ready for her wedding ceremony

After the ceremony

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed "a Champagne reception with appetizers." says Elana. The light color scheme added an elegant touch to the celebration, creating an atmosphere of joy and love.

Elena and Marcel's table decorations for thier castle ruins wedding.

The couple chose to have a classic wedding with no wedding theme, allowing their unique castle riun wedding venue create the perfect feel for their special day. "Super delicious wedding cake matching the flower table decor." says Elena.

Elena and Marcel's naked wedding cake.

The best bits…

"The ceremony was beautifully emotional!"

And for other Signature brides… 

"You can plan an absolutely dreamy wedding without much stress and pressure within 5 months."

Elena posing with her feale wedding guests.
Elena and Marcel with their male wedding guests

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Stay bold & brilliant!
The Signature Collection team

Elena and Marcel's Dream Team

Photographer: Paula Zwingel

Venue: Pörtnerhof Sesslach