Jennifer and Adrienne met whilst working in the Prison Service in 2018. “I loved Jen at first sight and was so nervous around her, I couldn’t speak in front of her!” says Adrienne (Addy). “I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out.”

“However, our first date was gate crashed by my nephews, as I had to babysit last minute. So we took them bowling. On our second date, Jen’s mum and sister decided to tag along! So, for our third date, Jen booked a weekend away in Prague.” “I had to take Addy to a different country just to get her alone!” says Jen. “We both felt excited, nervous and so happy. It was like fireworks every time we saw each other.”

A treasure hunt proposal

The couple had been together for two years when Addy proposed. “During lockdown we went on regular walks along the river and I always pointed out one house that I loved,” says Jen. “Addy spent months attempting to find the front of the house and, when she did, she sent a letter to the owners asking if she could borrow their garden for a proposal. They said yes!”

Looking for clues....

“On the 11th July 2020, I was given an envelope with a poem saying I was going on a treasure hunt,” says Jen. “I followed the clue to a nearby pub car park where there was another clue and a jigsaw piece. I followed clue after clue, picking up puzzle pieces and seeing random members of my family at each stop. The treasure hunt took me all over the area and once I’d collected all the jigsaw pieces, I put the puzzle together. When I did it was a picture of Addy standing outside her house. So I went home and the last puzzle piece was taped to her front door, with coordinates on the back.”

“When I got to the coordinates by the river, I found an ‘X’ inside a love heart on the floor. Then Addy appeared in a boat! We then made our way down the river to the house I loved walking past and the garden was lit up with candles everywhere. We got off the boat, went into the garden and Addy got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, I said yes! Then I heard cheering from across the river, and she had arranged for our friends to be there too. It was absolutely magical and surreal and such an amazing day. Words cannot describe how happy we were!”

Shopping for the dresses

Addy went to WED2B Ashford and Jen went to WED2B Bromley. “Both of our store experiences were lovely,” says Jen. “The staff were amazing, so friendly and so excited for us. Addy went two weeks before I did. Then, when I went to Bromley, the lovely assistant telephoned the Ashford store to find out what dress Addy had bought so we didn’t clash. It was so surreal knowing that the lady who was helping me knew what Addy was wearing and I didn’t! All the staff made our trips so easy and so much fun.”

Jen chose Hendrix. “I loved the straps on the dress and the cut of it,” she says. “It highlighted my figure so nicely and when I put it on in the shop, I didn’t want to take it off. The material felt lovely and it was so comfortable.” Addy chose Weisz. “This was a wildcard picked by the lovely shop assistant, which I fell in love with,” says Addy. “When I put it on I felt great and I loved how I looked in it. This is why the shop assistants are so good at their jobs, they knew what I would look great in!”

Jen on her wedding day
Jen in her WED2B wedding dress

A lovely April wedding

Jennifer and Adrienne with their bridesmaids

The couple had an April wedding at hotel, in West Sussex. “We knew this was where we wanted to get married before we were even engaged, “ says Jen. “I had seen photos of it online and the venue was stunning. Such a beautiful building with gorgeous gardens and a little castle outside, which sold it to us. We went to view it at some point in between lockdowns and fell in love with the building even more then.”

Adrienne walking down the aisle with her Dad

The Big Day

The couple married on 25th April 2022. “Addy got ready at The Ravenswood with her bridal party and I got ready around the corner in an Airbnb with my bridal party, “ says Jen. “The weather was good. It started to rain slightly as we were having photographs taken but it stopped after a few minutes and the sun came out to play.”

Jen walking down the aisle with her mum

“Addy’s dad walked her down the aisle (Addy cried the entire time!) and my mum walked me down the aisle. We chose the acoustic version of ‘Electricity’ by Dua Lipa to walk in to, as this song means a lot to us. We also used this song for both of us, stopping it after Addy had walked down and continuing it when I walked down.”

Jennifer and Adrienne walking back up the aisle

"The most special moment was seeing one another for the first time. There’s a beautiful photo of us at the end of the aisle when we first got to one another with Addy crying and me looking over to her. It makes us emotional seeing it and reliving that moment!”

Photos, music and dancing

After the ceremony, there were canapés and welcome drinks and lots of photographs. “The grounds of the venue are huge with plenty of amazing photo opportunities and our photographer encouraged us to bring a sensible pair of shoes to do couple photos in, “ says Jen. “Cue the bright white wellies under our wedding dresses!”

“Our first dance was ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift. We used to get up and dance to this in our living room throughout lockdown and it just became a song with such happy memories for us. We knew we had to have it as our first dance song.”

Our Top Tips

“Relax! Try not to get so caught up and fret over such small details about your day that you don’t enjoy it. Remember, that it’s YOUR day and you should enjoy it!! Get yourself an amazing photographer because you really do relive your day by looking at the photos. Remember to take in every moment you can on the day; it goes by so fast!!!”

Jennifer and Adrienne’s Dream Team

Photographer: John Scofield Photography

Venue: The Ravenswood

Wedding Dresses: WED2B

Florist: Natalie Burlington Flowers 

Donuts: Krispy Kreme 

Happily Ever After Signage: Balloons Amore Kent

Makeup: Bear Beauty & Louise Mcintosh

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