Lisa and Eric met at work. “Our first real date was on Christmas Eve,” says Lisa. “Eric proposed after we had been together for one and a half years. It was the 16th October 2021, my birthday, and we were on holiday in Blankenberge. He asked me when we were in our holiday apartment by the sea. It was the greatest gift ever! I was very surprised and very happy.”

Wedding dresses Antwerp

Lisa discovered WED2B’s wedding dresses Antwerp through an advert on Facebook. “Then I went with a friend to try on dresses,” she says. “Laetitia in the store helped me. As soon as she gave me my dress, Fia, and I put it on, I immediately had tears in my eyes. I was completely sold! It was one of the most expensive Platinum Edition designs and I felt absolutely radiant in it.” (For similar styles try Elora, Natasha and Ingryd)

The big day

Lisa and Eric married on 1st July 2022. “It was a beautiful summer’s day,” says Lisa. “The wedding was at the town hall in Sint-Gillis-Waas and our party took place in a cosy party room at the Zwingend Zwijntje in Meerdonk, which is close to our home.”

“In the morning, I got ready with a girlfriend and my daughter, who was a bridesmaid,” says Lisa. “Then the makeup lady came to my house to do my makeup. She also helped me put on my dress, as the back had to be braided with a long loop.”

“Our ceremony was at 4pm at the town hall and my father was a witness,” says Lisa. “Afterwards, we had lovely photos taken at Fort Liefkenshoek and at the Scheldt near Kallo. Then we drove back to our hometown to the banquet hall.”

An intimate celebration

“We didn’t have a theme, just a little party with about 27 friends and family,” says Lisa. “There was a nice BBQ dinner with various fresh vegetables, salads, pasta, fries, etc. Then we had drinks and a delicious ice cream cake for dessert.”

“Later we partied into the night,” says Lisa. “Our first dance was to ‘I Found the Love’ by Ed Sheeran, as it’s a beautiful and sensitive song. Then our second dance was to ‘Een Ster’ by Stan Van Samang."

My favourite moments…

“The best moment was when my husband-to-be stood at my door and saw me in my wedding dress,” says Lisa. “He couldn’t get a word out. He was so surprised at how beautiful I looked. Also, the moment in the banquet hall when my father read out a beautiful poem he had written and gave a speech. We both became very emotional! Otherwise it was a fun day and a real day to remember.”

My top tips…

“Make sure you are well prepared for the day,” says Lisa. “On the day it can be quite overwhelming. You’ll feel like you’re in a bit of a daze and also totally elated!”

Lisa’s Dream Team

Venue: Zwingend Zwijntje in Meerdonk

Wedding dresses Antwerp: WED2B

Makeup: Katty Vercauteren

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