A lot of work goes into creating a stunning detail wedding dress and the designers we stock really have thought of everything. From supportive corsetry and the perfect way to drape a skirt, to the exact placement of the lace appliqués on an illusion back for the most flattering finish.

And, if you’d like to know more about beading, bows and back details you’ve come to the right place! Our instore experts have put together a handy guide to explain what’s what when it comes to your dream detail wedding dress…


Internal corsetry

An internal corset is a hidden level of extra support inside your dress. It helps to keep your dress in exactly the right place, support your bust and ensure you feel secure and comfortable all day long. The corset is laced-up with ribbon, so it can be pulled in to fit your figure perfectly, and hidden away beneath delicate buttons. So, it's your little secret!

Exposed Corsetry

Exposed corsetry is a popular, catwalk-inspired design feature. It's when the inner structure of the dress is brought to the forefront of the gown and showcased. Designers use sheer fabric, often with illusion details, to hint at the boning underneath and it can give a dress a sexy, on-trend feel.



Embroidery is a great alternative to lace and gives a dress a rich, luxury feel. It’s an intricate, needle-stitched pattern and is ideal for expensive-looking, fully-detailed gowns.


Bring on the glitz with a little bit of beading! Beaded dresses can feature anything from subtly shimmering pearls to iridescent sequins and glittering diamantés. Often used to highlight elements such as the straps, hips or waistline. It can also feature as a delicate scattering of sparkle across a bodice or cover a dress from head-to-toe for a touch of Old Hollywood glamour.


One of our favourite additions to a detail wedding dress. A beautiful bow is the perfect way to add a fun, timeless and pretty finish to your look. Plus, they’re generally detachable, so why not use it to create two looks in one?


Hidden pockets are one of the most common things brides ask us for. You can find them in dresses of all shapes and sizes, from slim A-lines and magnificent ballgowns to sexy split styles and floaty organza delights. Ideal for nervous hands or a few big day essentials, they’re also a fun way to strike a cool, casual pose for your photos.

Back details

Illusion back

An illusion back is a transparent tulle back, decorated with lace appliqués. It creates the illusion of lace laid upon the skin, and is sometimes called ‘tattoo lace’. This effect works beautifully on sheer, illusion sleeves, too.

Keyhole back

A keyhole back is the name for sheer fabric or lace, cut to create an attractive keyhole shape at the back of a dress, often surrounded by lace detailing. This design feature is used to frame the shoulder blades or the centre of the back. Alternatively, some dresses have a low keyhole, which sits in the small of the back.

Fabric styles


Draping refers to the way fabric is hung or draped around the figure. Often used for an expensive, fabric-heavy finish, it’s an elegant and flattering look with soft organic lines that follow the curves of the body.

Box pleats

A box pleat is a deep, striking pleat made by creating two folded edges, one facing right and one facing left. They add structure and volume to a dress and often feature in A-line or ballgown skirts. 


Generally used in skirts for volume and drama, ruffles are layers of lightweight fabric (such as organza or tulle) cut to different lengths to create a fun ruffled effect. They add texture and movement to a design and are most often seen in fabulous waterfall skirts.


Modern lace

Lace making is hundreds of years old and many laces have a traditional feel and feature classic flowers, leaves vines and more. Modern lace designs give the fabric an update and often feature more contemporary geometric patterns. 

3D Lace

3D lace is made from laser-cut florals, hand stitched onto tulle and embellished with pearls. Often oversized, for a contemporary feel, they are fixed to the design at the centre. This allows the edges to move freely for the wow-factor effect of real flowers.

Tape lace

'Taping' is fine strips of tape lace, that are delicately knitted into floral or Art-Deco designs. This style of lace is great for highlighting waistlines and necklines. It's also ideal for framing specific areas of a dress, such as the hem or cuffs.

Well, whether you’re going for simple and modern or embellishment from top to toe, we hope our handy guide helps you find your perfect detail wedding dress. Don’t forget our friendly bridal experts (both online and instore) can also help. If there’s a specific detail you’re looking for or you’d like to understand more about the features of some of the dresses we stock, simply drop in or get in touch.

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