A glamorous Signature Collection sheath with flattering off the shoulder straps and a chic button back was a dream look for this retro boho wedding.

Nadine and Ross holding hands during their retro boho wedding ceremony.

Nadine and Ross first met in 2007 when Ross and his friend shouted something to Nadine out of his car window. "I didn't think anything of it, then a few hours later i went to a bar in Ruddington village...Ross recognised me from when he shouted out the car and of course the 3 of them were chatting and that was that!" says Nadine. "We dated for a few months."

Although their paths briefly diverged, life took a twist in 2010 when they reconnected. "We had our first date (of the second time round) in a bar called "The Amber Rooms" & I fell pregnant with our daughter Amber & she was born 2011. Myself & Ross threw ourselves into just being parents and life in general. We then had our son Bobby in 2014."

The proposal

In a world saturated with grand proposals, Nadine and Ross took a refreshingly unique path. There wasn't a proposal, "We just sat down one evening & decided to get married." says Nadine.

"Especially because our son mistakenly thought it was me & ross getting married last year when actually it was our friends getting married, he told his whole class! Then Amber would talk about it and we just thought, we don't want our kids to be any older than they are now, why not?"

Nadine and Ross during their retro boho wedding ceremony.

With a desire to share the same surname as their children and each other, the decision to wed felt natural.

Discovering The Signature Collection

The search for the perfect wedding dress led Nadine to the enchanting world of wed2b in Nottingham in The Midlands. "I had looked online, loads of different styles, but I knew what I wanted." says Nadine. "Straight away I chose Rio. I literally was there half an hour and said yes I'm having this one."

Nadine in her chic off the shoulder wedding dress.

Nadine chose Rio, a chic crepe sheath with modern off the shoulder straps and a statement back. "Flattering, comfortable, gorgeous, feels so nice and I could wear it all day, the support it gives you is immense and the train, buttons & chest cross over and off the shoulders is just incredible really!" says Nadine. "I wanted something plain, but also quirky. I had a very boho retro fun wedding, but I didn't want the typical lace boho dress."

Close up image of Nadine in her Crepe sheath wedding dress.

If you love Rio's simple silhouette, then you're going to adore these three catwalk-style sheaths too. Make sure you try on Miami, Leo and Maribel. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

A retro boho wedding venue

The couple married at a place called Inkersall Grange Farm, a retro boho wedding venue for their festival masterpiece. "Overlooking Sherwood forest, tucked away, gorgeous greenery with a gorgeous garden area, a separate ceremony barn newly built, gorgeous built toilets but the best part is the 3 huge teepees, not just tent teepees, they are hard-core wooden beamed, solid wooden floor, with dance area in the middle." says Nadine.

Nadine and Ross snuggled up in a chair next to their VW photobooth.

"Just the perfect setting for our style. Plus, with me setting up myself, I required time to do so...Inkersall actually give you the property the day before the Wedding, so we did that and set up."

Mountains in Nottingham

"Inkersall has a lodge across the path called wranglers den, which is like staying in the mountains in Canada, absolutely perfect for weddings. I stayed the night before after setting up with 2 of my bridesmaids and our daughter Amber, who was maid of honour, Bobby was also best man, and he even did a brilliant speech." says Nadine.

Nadine on the morning of her wedding having her makeup applied.

"I was very worried the weather was going to be awful, as it had gone nothing but rain for the whole of August. However, on our day, it was very warm, a bit cloudy in the morning."

Close up photo of Nadine and Ross during their retro boho wedding ceremony

"My Dad walked me down the aisle. My walking down song was a song to Ross, it was a classical version of Jessy Js Flashlight by Valentino Alessandrini." says Nadine.

A festival of love

After reading their vows, Nadine, Ross, and their guests revelled in post-ceremony joy. From photos and drinks to heartfelt speeches and a sumptuous BBQ with desserts. "Kids had a fun corner and I created a tattoo station for everyone. There was a football of course, we then had the VW photo booth and furniture turn up." says Nadine.

Ross placing the wedding ring on Nadine's finger during their wedding ceremony.

A tapestry of bright hues

Nadine and Ross's wedding burst with colour, embracing a bright and vibrant scheme that mirrored their personalities.

Nadine seated while signing her wedding book.

"Our cake was kindly made by a work colleagues' wife, as a wedding gift which was very generous as she actually is beyond talented, she makes & decorates cakes for the magazines and teaches it to others, her hand made florals were incredible it blew my mind." says Nadine. "Top fruit cake and the other 2 Victoria sponge with the most amazing icing."

Nadine Laughing while holding her top tier wedding cake.

"The cake cutting that everyone gathered round for but instead of cutting it as I didn't want to ruin the gorgeous knife that had been made for me, I took a bite out the top. Lots of fun and laughter went down."

The best bits…

"Walking down the aisle, the speeches and being with all my favourite people! Seeing my visions come to life. My children seeing me."

Photos of Nadine in her crepe sheath wedding dress.

And for other Signature brides… 

"Don't stress about the small things and don't over plan. You think u have it all sorted but there is always something and the whole day doesn't go as planned."

Nadine greeting her wedding guests at her retro boho wedding.

"Also, if you drink you start to not be bothered about stressing. For example....i was so worried about my dress getting mucky...3 drinks later I was walking around with the train dragging across the floor forgetting there was a hoop to hold it with on my wrist, but without a care in the world I just waltzed around. It will wash at the dry cleaners."

We love it when brides take our looks and make them their own. So, if you’ve enjoyed Nadine and Ross’s retro boho wedding, then we’d love to see how you styled your own Signature look. Just click here to share your story and photos with us and we’ll be in touch.

Stay bold & brilliant!
The Signature Collection team

Nadine and Ross’s Dream Team 

Photographer: NCPhotography

Wedding Planner: Nadine (DIY)

Florist: Nadine, a friend and a work colleague

Caterer: McCartneys

Makeup Artist: Makeup by Lizzy Browne

Stationery: Nadine (DIY)

Hair Stylist: Friend

Venue: Inkersall Grange Farm

Bar: Shake the Spirit

DJ/Disco: Bobby Wren

Cake: Family friend

VW Photobooth/Furniture: OH Snap!

Banner/Table Plan: Daydreamer Creative

Gold Frame Hire: Once in a Blue Balloon Events