Once you’ve decided on your big day look, it’s time to think about bridesmaid hairstyles too. Before you get your besties involved, start by creating a mood board of images that suit the theme of your day, whether that’s relaxed and boho, classic and elegant or funky and modern. 

Faye and Dan

Find a selection of images you like then ask your maids for their thoughts, too. They’re all likely to have very different types of hair, so they don’t all need to have the same hairstyle. The most important thing is to find looks that they're happy with. That said, it’s a good idea to choose hairdos that complement each other and the theme of your day. Along with their outfits and flowers this will help to create a lovely, cohesive look. Plus, a good hairstylist will be able to adapt your preferred style to suit each maid's hair.

Kacey and Bradley

To get you started, our bridal experts have rounded up some of their favourite ideas for simple bridesmaid hairstyles, along with some beautiful real wedding inspo and some great accessories to match. So, read on, and just mix and match your favourites to your heart’s content!

The look… Halo crown braid

Best for… Boho beauties

Evie and Theo

A halo crown braid is a chunky plait, pinned to form a plaited crown around the top of the head. It’s a versatile look that works well on most types of hair and with different themes. For example, if you keep the plaits tight and neat and pin up the hair underneath it can look very classic and traditional. Alternatively, go for a loose plait and leave the rest of the hair down, softly curled, for a relaxed boho day. Looks gorgeous accessorised with pretty pins or flowers, dotted through the braid!

The look… Loose updo

Best for… Traditional elegance

Abbey and Jake

In a loose updo the hair is twisted up softly behind the head, with plenty of loose tendrils framing the face. It's an enduring classic that’s amazing on everyone and can easily be tailored to different types of longer hair (anything longer than a short bob should be fine). You can also match your more complicated bridal updo with simpler versions for your maids, for a complementary look. Ask your hairdresser to pin in small flowers too, like real bride Abbey. She and her maids had pretty gypsophila intertwined with their hair, which also matched their bouquets.

Abbey and Jake

The look… Dutch braid

Best for… Contemporary cool

Sammy and Josh

A Dutch braid is a kind of inverted French braid. In the French version you cross the sections of hair over one another, but in a Dutch braid you cross them underneath. The result is a more defined, pronounced braid. This is a funky modern take on a braid and looks great loose and boho but also suits a contemporary celebration, particularly styled with chic modern hairpins. Obviously, this is a look for maids with fairly long hair but take your inspiration from real bride Sammy. She complemented her sleek hair-down style with mix ’n’ match bridesmaid hairstyles that suited their different length hair, including a chunky modern Dutch braid for one of her besties.

The look… Beach waves

Best for… Relaxed, cool girl style

The easiest of the lot, artfully tousled beach waves won’t take too much time to do and most maids will be very happy with them. It's great for all lengths of hair, except very short, but won’t work with very curly or Afro hair. Your maids may even be able to do this look themselves. Alternatively, speak to your hairdresser about creating soft waves, perhaps pinned with a stylish hair comb on one side? Best suited to a relatively informal day, rather than something black tie or very traditional.

The look… Ballet bun

Best for… Sophisticated elegance

Vanessa and Steve

A neat bun is the epitome of classic bridal elegance, whether you wear it super tidy or a little more relaxed. Easy to achieve on most hair types it looks amazing with a hair comb and is the perfect place to sit your veil, too! Real bride Katie wore a sophisticated bun with pretty curls at the front, and her maids had similar styles with soft curls around the face, for a beautifully understated look.

Katie and James

The look… Half up, half down

Best for… Easy to wear, suits everyone style

Bridesmaid half up hair is one of the most popular choices for wed2b brides. It’s oh-so simple, very comfortable to wear and will still look great at the end of the night. There are versions for almost every hair type/length too. Plus, like other styles, you can keep it soft and loose for a rustic, boho wedding or neater for something more formal. Accessorise with clips, flowers or combs, for a little something extra.

Clara and Jack

The look… Low ponytail

Becky and Idris

Best for… A modern classic

A low ponytail is a smart modern choice for your bridesmaid hairstyles. Simple, sophisticated and understated it will look great at a chic city do or a black tie event. Try styling it to one side for an even more contemporary feel. Not a look for maids with short or bobbed hair, but it can easily mix 'n' match with other simple styles.

The perfect extras

Lastly, when it comes to accessories, your bridesmaid hairstyles should complement your own look. For example, if you go for a shimmering pearl hair clip why not dot pretty pearl hairpins through your maids hairstyles?

Accessory: Frances & Auben by Amixi

Alternatively, if your look is all about the prettiest florals, treat your friends to sweet floral hairpins or a cute floral halo. Just remember to plan your look first, including where your veil will sit, before your think about your bridal party’s.

Accessory: Clio & Sophie by Amixi

Hair today…

Emily and Lee

We hope our overview of simple bridesmaids hairdos has inspired you. Remember, for more ideas for bridesmaid hairstyles, take a look at our brilliant real life brides. Also, don’t forget to check out our beautiful bridesmaids dresses in satin and chiffon too, as the style of your maids dresses will help you choose the rest of their look. Most of all, whatever the final look, remember to have fun!

Abbey and Craig

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