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When you’re wedding planning, you’ll find lots of people have strong opinions on what it’s worth - and not worth - spending your money on. As well as where you should spend, save or splurge. However, when it comes down to it, it’s only your opinion and your groom’s that really matters. Also, there are plenty of wedding budget myths and legends that are just that - myths. For example, how much you ‘have’ to spend on different items or that DIY will definitely save you money.

Well, we’re here to help! Read on for our expert tips on what to believe when it comes to wedding budget myths and what to totally ignore…

1. Saying the ‘M’ or ‘W’ word will increase the price 

Lots of people believe that saying the words ‘marriage’ or ‘wedding’ to a supplier means they will automatically hike up the cost. Well, this just isn’t the case. As with any other industry, a reputable wedding supplier will charge fairly for their skills, experience, expertise and the time spent creating and delivering what you’ve asked for. Make sure you look for good recommendations from friends, family and your venue for talented, great-value companies. You can also check out our directory for suppliers local to you.

DIY bride Chloe's beautiful displays

2. DIY is guaranteed to save you money

If you’re a creative and crafty bride with time on your hands to source cost-effective decor then you may well save money doing some DIY. However, if you’re hoping to recreate that lavish, magical wedding you saw on Pinterest then you’ll probably end up spending quite a lot, as craft materials aren’t cheap. You also need to factor in the time it takes you to create everything, particularly if crafting doesn’t come naturally. Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to have creative friends and family who love making stuff and have time to spare, DIY can be a great choice. However, not everyone has the time, skill or inclination to help out. So make sure you consider this before planning to DIY the whole day!

DIY bride Sami made her own favours and photo booth

3. You have to spend a lot on your wedding dress (and accessories)

Not at wed2b you don’t! The average wedding dress costs £1,300*, however the equivalent at wed2b costs from just £599 to £899. We even have some dresses for as little as £399. Our designer outlet dresses are about 40% cheaper than the average, so you get the same quality and luxury at a much more affordable price. 

Wedding dresses featured: Vittoria and Catalina by Aaliyah Quinn

Plus, we have exclusive collections from premium designers that you won’t find in any other boutique, with fabrics, construction, detailing and finishes that are second to none. So, we guarantee you’ll feel like a million dollars without having spent anywhere near that much!

Wedding dress featured: Erika by Miavalenca

What’s more, combine your great value dress with some of our affordable accessories and you can create your whole look, complete with veil, tiara and more, for less than the price of an average wedding dress!

Accessories featured: Hilde sleeves and Fillipa Veil by Amixi

4. Hiring a marquee or ‘dry hire’ venue will always save you money

It’s a lovely option to plan a marquee wedding on private land, such as your own garden or your parent’s. Or to book a dry hire venue that just comes with the bare bones of the building. Both these reception options can be absolutely magical, they just won’t necessarily save you money. 

Alongside your marquee, you’ll also require power, toilets, lighting and waste disposal. Then you need to factor in catering facilities, a bar, parking, cleaning and more. And that’s before you’ve even consider food, decor and the rest. There are lots of fabulous marquee suppliers who will help you with every element of the setup, but it may not work out any cheaper than a ready-made venue. 

Samantha and Nathan 

A dry hire venue is one where you hire the building and then it’s up to you to bring in your own suppliers and decor, or hire the from the owners at an additional cost. This can be a great choice for DIY brides and you may also save money on food and corkage. But if you’re imagining the most luxurious decorations and lots of top-end suppliers, then you’ll still need a decent budget.

Real bride Elizabeth made all her own decorations

5. You have to have a wedding cake/favours/fancy transport etc

It’s your day and you don’t ‘have’ to have anything you don’t want or can’t afford. It's one of the biggest wedding budget myths! Nobody expects couples to follow every wedding tradition any more. So, if you don’t want to spend lots of money on a cake, favours or a horse and carriage then that’s absolutely acceptable. There are also lots of affordable and personal ways to give a nod to tradition, such as a stack of Krispy Kreme doughnut instead of a cake. Or arriving in the car of a family friend that’s been beautifully decorated. It’s your day, so do it your way and within your budget.

Abbie and Matthew

6. You have to spend a certain amount to have the ‘perfect’ day

The average UK wedding costs around £20,000*. Does that mean you have to spend that much to have a great day? Of course not! Take a look at some of our brilliant real life brides who will tell that you that you can have an absolutely amazing day for far less than that. Real bride Rhiannon says, “Find a budget you are comfortable with and stick to it. It’s easy to get swept up and start buying things willy nilly, but you’ll feel so much better after the day if you have stayed within your means. Remember, it's just about the two of you.”

Rhiannon and Edward had a budget-friendly Christmas wedding

Hannah agrees. “Budgeting is key,” she says. “Set one right at the beginning and keep tabs on everything you spend. Do your research to find suppliers that meet your budget. Choose a big hitter each that you don’t want to compromise on, then work out how to reduce costs on other things that you are happy to compromise on. Ask the professionals for advice, too. They’ve seen thousands of weddings.”

Hannah and Jack

Lastly, Faye visited wed2b because she didn’t want to spend thousands of pounds on a dress but still wanted to look and feel amazing, and she approached her wedding in the same way. “Enjoy it,” says Faye. “Don’t stress the little things. No one else will notice if something gets missed or doesn’t happen. Just enjoy every single minute of it!”

Faye and Dan

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*Bridebook 2024 Wedding Report