Vanessa and Arne walking through the Summer gardens

Vanessa and Arne met in the summer of 2011. “We met at a classic car meeting and looked at cars together,” says Vanessa. “Under normal circumstances, we would probably never have met. I was born in Stuttgart, Arne in Hamburg. At first I found him extremely distinguished and handsome.”

“Two months later, we were both on a vintage car trip. I was with my father in the car and he was alone. On the first evening, he sat down with us and we had the opportunity to talk properly. The same George Michael CD was constantly playing in the background. In the following days, we talked a lot.”

"My father already noticed that something was brewing. When we said goodbye, I summoned up all my courage and asked for his mobile phone number, because I thought he could only say no. He didn’t!"

“Then we talked a lot on the phone and he visited me in Stuttgart in September. I came into the hotel and we kissed for the first time and then we were a couple.”

Vanessa and her wedding flowers sitting on a wooden bench

A romantic restaurant proposal

“We always go out for a nice meal on our anniversary and on the 2nd September 2013 we went for sushi at the East Hotel in Hamburg,” says Vanessa. “We went there a lot at the beginning of our relationship because we really liked the atmosphere and the food. When I sat down, instead of a menu card,”

"I had a beautiful letter from him asking if I would like to marry him. I was so confused that I couldn't get a word out and just cried. It was a beautiful moment and I was very happy.”

Vanessa and Arne at their wedding venue

Wedding dresses Hamburg

“I was looking for a dress that was good value for money that I could take straight home,” says Vanessa. “I did a lot of research online and most of the dresses I saw didn't suit my taste until I came across WED2B."

At the wedding dresses Hamburg store, we were greeted extremely nicely by Petra and led to the check-in. What I liked most was the bright, open atmosphere. After a short check-in, we were off, without any waiting time. It was simply great.

“I always knew that I wanted a very special dress that reflected me and didn’t follow any trends,” says Vanessa. “It was especially important to me that my arms were covered because sleeves give a dress a certain elegance. I also wanted to be able to manage the dress on my own, without needing help. The third dress I tried on was my dream dress and I felt that immediately. Ellwood looks extremely elegant and sexy because of the tight cut but is also discreet and understated. Straightforward, just the way I am! It’s just the right mix of lace and glitter paired with an elegant long train.” (For similar styles try Roscoe, Rion or Younes)

Vanessa and Arne on their wedding day

A new appreciation of love and life

“There were a few years between our engagement and marriage,” says Vanessa. “Then, when we were ready, Covid delayed it again and then my husband got cancer. That was a big shock and made us appreciate life more again. That’s why we wanted our wedding to be something special. It was clear from the beginning that we didn’t want to get married in a registry office. “

"So, after some searching, we found the Museum Village in Hamburg Volksdorf. We had a look at the historic centre of the village and were immediately enchanted by it. It just fitted. We decided to get married on our 11th anniversary, 2nd September 2022.”

Vanessa and Arne beautiful micro wedding

The big day

“It has to be said that we decided to have a very special wedding,” says Vanessa. “We got married alone, as a couple, because we really wanted to dedicate this special day just to us and our love. The day was picture-perfect, the sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm without being hot. Early in the morning a stylist came to our house and did my make-up/hair and then briefly powdered my husband. Afterwards, there was almost a drama when Arne despaired of the buttons on the dress. We were late and he didn’t have his suit on yet. Luckily, our neighbour was able to help while he got dressed! Afterwards, we went to pick up the bouquet and then went directly to the museum village.

“For the entrance we chose 'Everybody Loves Somebody' by Dean Martin and it was just perfect,” says Vanessa. “I walked into the wedding room on my fiancé's arm. During the ceremony, each of us had prepared some words to tell the other what was important to us. It was an incredibly personal moment and also the most beautiful.”

Vanessa and Arne with a classic car

Photos and a classic car

“After the ceremony, we took pictures with the photographer and really enjoyed the moment for ourselves,” says Vanessa. “Of course, our vintage car was there too. This theme runs through our relationship and is an important part, as we wouldn’t have met without it. After the photo session, we went to the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten and spent another two wonderful days there.”

Just the two of us

“As mentioned earlier, we decided to make our wedding just the two of us,” says Vanessa. “My husband's illness changed a lot for us and we went back to what was really important."

“I am happy for everyone who has a big celebration for family and friends but, for us, this way was exactly the right one. Free from conventions. It was our day and we experienced it very intensively. So, of course, there was no wedding cake or band. But sometimes the quiet moments, when you are with yourself, are the most beautiful. In the evening we had a wonderful private dinner at the Jahreszeitengrill followed by a drink in the smallest bar in Hamburg.”

Vanessa and her classic car

The best moments…

“The most beautiful moment was seeing my husband well and reaffirming that we want to walk this path together,” says Vanessa. “This feeling was present throughout the whole day.”

Top tips…

“Dear brides, stay relaxed,” says Vanessa. “Even if everything doesn't always work out 100%, it is important that you enjoy the day. It is your day and you have the right to be happy. Just let go and everything will work out.”

Vanessa and Arne’s Dream Team

Photographer: Thommy Willkowei Photograph
Venue: Museum Village in Hamburg Volksdorf
Wedding dresses Hamburg: WED2B
Bouquet: Flowers Mardt at Museum Village Volksdorf
Stylist: Sonia Vaid-Erdem

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