Vanessa-Mae and Scott Staring at one another on Barry island

Vanessa-Mae and Scott met in August 2016. “We met through Scott’s sister,” says Vanessa-Mae. “She moved to where I lived in Devizes and didn’t know anyone, so I gave her my number. We became best friends and, when she went back to Barry in Wales to see her parents, I went with her. I thought, why not, as I’d never been to Wales. We met up with her family and that’s where I met Scott. I spoke to him all night and eventually exchanged numbers.”

Vanessa-Mae on the morning of her weddning , being helped into her wed2b mermaid wedding dress

“Our first date was July 2016, when I next visited Barry. We went to the arcades and rides on Barry Island then walked along the waters edge. It was so romantic and I was thinking how amazing he was when I stepped on something squishy. I thought it was a plastic bag but Scott looked back and said, ‘It’s not a plastic bag, that's a jellyfish’.

I panicked and ran so fast to wash my foot off and he just stood laughing. Thankfully I didn’t get stung but that’s why we had photos taken at Barry Island!”

Vanessa-Mae int he garden on the morning of her wedding in her wedding attire and holding her bouquet

A surprise proposal

“We had been together six years, when Scott proposed,” says Vanessa-Mae. “He had just passed his driving test, so my dad decided to buy us a car but he had to go and pick it up from Devizes. When he came home later that day, he just walked into the house shaking and said, ‘Will you marry me?’. He wasn’t on his knee or anything, and he is a bit of a joker, so I sarcastically said, ‘All right then’.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott walking hand in hand out of the registry office with confetti being thrown at them

“Then he said it again and went down on one knee and got out a beautiful ring from his coat pocket. I said, ‘yes’ and when he got up he told me that he had asked my dad for his permission when he got the car. I’m glad he didn’t do it in public and I’m so happy he asked my dad beforehand.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott's Barry island wedding Vanessa-Mae and Scott's Wales wedding near the sea

Shopping for the dress

“I discovered WED2B online,” says Vanessa-Mae. “We didn’t have much time to find a dress and I found out that you can buy it on the day at WED2B.”

"We had an amazing experience at the Cardiff store. I brought about 15 people with me and the staff were so accommodating. I was a bit worried about the waiting time but it actually made the experience even better. It meant we had time to catch up with family and we didn't feel pressured to choose a dress. The staff were so friendly and nothing was too much for them. They packaged my dress and other items beautifully."

“The dresses are an amazing price, affordable but luxurious at the same time. Plus, the PJs that I also bought were amazing.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott photographed infron of the beach huts on Barry island

“My dress was tight fitting and silky with buttons going all down the back,” says Vanessa-Mae. “I felt amazing in it and it was amazingly comfortable. The staff also enhanced the dress by adding accessories to create my perfect outfit. Adding a jacket made it look like two completely different dresses, so I felt like I had two dresses for the price of one.” Vanessa-Mae chose Amore by Anna Sorrano styled with the Jessamy jacket. For similar styles take a look at Gisella, Sebastiane or Domenica.

Vanessa-Mae holding onto Scott while smiling at one another on Barry Island

A wedding in Wales

Scott and Vanessa-Mae had a wedding in Wales, at Barry Registry Office. “We decided we love each other and had been together long enough, so we wanted to get married in the registry office,” says Vanessa-Mae. “I got emotional when I saw it for the first time on the wedding day, as I didn’t expect the room to look so nice. We got married on Saturday 19th November 2022. Even though it was a registry wedding I was still able to walk down an aisle and I married the man of my dreams.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott posing on the rocks by the sea with their foreheads touching

The big day

“I got ready with my sisters, brother, their partners and kids, my mum, my bonus mum, my aunties and my best friend,” says Vanessa-Mae. “My mum rented a holiday home in Barry, which is where we got ready the day before the wedding. The weather was sunny but cold. I was so surprised, as it was a wedding in Wales in November.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott smiling at one another with their noses touching Vanessa-Mae and Scott embracing on Barry island

“My father walked me down the aisle to ‘At Last’ by Etta James,” says Vanessa-Mae. “Scott and I have two kids and have been together six years, so I thought ‘At Last’ was perfect! The most special moment during the ceremony was when I was walking down the aisle, as I saw my husband smiling with tears in his eyes. He never cries, so that was so special.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott laughing and smiling together Vanessa-Mae leaning back to look at her now Husband Scott

Let’s party!

“Straight after the ceremony, Scott and I went off to Barry Island with the photographer to take photos, whilst guests went to the Penarth Conservative Club,” says Vanessa-Mae. “After Barry Island we went to Alexander Park in Penarth for more photos and then on to the Conservative Club. Our first dance song was ‘So Close’ by Jon McLaughlin because it’s from one of our favourite films, Enchanted.”

Black and white photo of Vanessa-Mae and Scott walking the grounds of their wedding venue Vanessa-Mae and Scott photographed from behind among the autumn leaves and trees

A fun Pokémon theme

“The colour scheme was rose gold and our theme was Pokémon,” says Vanessa-Mae. “My husband and I love playing board games and video games and we love Pokémon. We had Pokémon goodie bags for the kids’ wedding favours and miniature candles for the adults. We also had a Pokémon card for every guest instead of place names. Plus, I made Pokémon ball card holders and Pokémon centrepieces.”

Scott holding Vanessa-Mae's wedding dress train and bouquet

“We had a cold buffet in the day and a hog roast in the evening, and they were both amazing,” says Vanessa-Mae. “The wedding cake did take the spotlight a bit! Half of the cake was traditional looking and rose-gold-themed but at the back it had Pokémon characters.”

"The cake maker made it look like the Pokémon were ripping open the cake! It was amazing. It had flavours of salted caramel, chocolate and Victoria sponge with jam. Later in the evening we had a DJ and he was amazing.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott walkign hand in hand with the Barry Island beach huts visible in the background Vanessa-Mae and Scott's unique Pokemon wedding cake

The best bits…

“After the ceremony, when we were waiting to do the confetti photo, my husband was emotional and said, ‘You’ve never been so beautiful’. I nearly cried.”

Black and White image of Vanessa-Mae and Scott cutting their wedding cake

My top tips…

“If you're good at arts and crafts, do most of the little bits yourself and save some money,” says Vanessa-Mae. “It also makes your wedding more personal to you and your partner.”

Vanessa-Mae and Scott performing their first dance

Vanessa-Mae and Scott’s Dream Team

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