It may not suit everyone, but if you’re tempted by the idea of an elopement wedding, read on. We asked some of our WED2B brides to tell us why they chose to celebrate a’ deux and why it was the perfect decision for them…

The city of love

Jennifer and Colin went for the quintessential elopement wedding; a magical sunrise ceremony by the Eiffel Tower.“We wanted to go away, just the two of us, and have an amazing trip at the same time,” says Jennifer.

“We had to be there early to catch the sunrise, so I was up at 4am in the morning. I felt so relaxed and chilled while doing my own hair and makeup. Then we were picked up at 6:30am and had some photos taken at the Eiffel Tower, just as the sun was coming up. Our officiant wrote our beautiful personal vows and we had a hand-fasting ceremony to tie the knot.”

“The weather was perfect, the sunrise was beautiful and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky the whole morning. It was like an actual dream, I couldn’t believe it was real. After the ceremony we had photos at the Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens, before going back to our hotel to FaceTime all our friends and family to surprise them with our news. Later, we went for a lovely Parisian lunch and sat outside in the sun overlooking the Eiffel Tower, sipping cocktails and wine. The day was very chilled.”

"My advice is to do exactly what’s right for you both. Remember that your wedding day is about you two and no one else.”

New York, New York

Nicole and Liam chose New York City for their elopement wedding. “We visited New York for New Year’s Eve 2019 and welcomed in 2020 from Central Park, watching amazing fireworks,” says Nicole. “Liam had just proposed and we were in a little love bubble because the place was so special to us. Following all of the uncertainties of Covid, we decided to elope and get married in Central Park in February 2022. The only people who came with us were my sister Emilia and her partner Kynan,” says Nicole.

“We got married at Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. Liam chose it because it's featured in one of his favourite childhood films, Home Alone. The weather was great, cold but beautiful blue skies. Near Central Park, 6th Avenue was closed, so I got out and walked about six streets in my wedding dress. Along the way, people were congratulating me and someone even asked if I was getting married!”

“The ceremony was short and we wrote our own vows. One of the most memorable moments was when we were pronounced husband and wife,” says Nicole. “Some passersby had gathered to watch and they all cheered and clapped for us. After the ceremony, we spent time in Central Park, then we had some photos on 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue with the iconic yellow cabs. Later, we stopped for a quick hot dog at a nearby stand before getting the subway back to the hotel. Then we all went out for a great Italian meal.”

Two’s company

Kiana and Dan married at the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar. “We chose it because it was beautiful, affordable and perfect for our intimate ceremony,” says Kiana.

“We initially booked for September 2020, however, this was postponed until 22nd June 2021. On the day, the weather was a lovely 25℃ with a slight breeze, which made it feel really comfortable. Our wedding didn’t have many personalised bits, due to it being a small elopement. We did, however, get a delivery of fresh cronuts in the morning to act as a wedding cake!”

“For the ceremony, I walked across a bridge covered with bougainvillea into The Dell, an intimate sub-tropical garden. Dan was waiting there for me, beaming. We shared our vows and it was very romantic and emotional. Our only guest was my mum. Unfortunately, due to poor health, Dan’s parents couldn’t join us but they were able to watch via video call.”

“After our ceremony, we toured Gibraltar for some photos. We ended up at the top of the Rock, getting beautiful pictures with the wild Barbary monkeys and with the mountains of Morocco in the background. I think couples should do whatever makes them happy, it’s your day. Worry less about the day, and more about the marriage!”

Beauty and the beach

Georgina and Scott chose Mexico for their big day. “Our hotel, Riu Cancun, was incredible and we were over the moon with the whole venue,” says Georgina.

“Getting married abroad was something I’d always wanted. We married by the beach on 23rd March 2019. I walked down the aisle, arm in arm with my father, to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’. I still feel emotional hearing this nearly a year on."

“It was one of Mexico’s hottest days and at midday it was over 30℃! After the ceremony we had time with our wonderful photographer and then went sailing on a private yacht, where we enjoyed a BBQ and drinks while watching the sunset. It was all perfect and couldn’t have gone any better.”

Looking out over the beautiful blue sea while getting married abroad

And, finally, a last minute elopement wedding…

Taylor and Leah had a big wedding planned for April 2021 but this was cancelled, as the country was in lockdown. “However, our honeymoon was already booked for October in the Maldives and we were unable to cancel it,” says Leah. “Also, the Covid Red List could change, so we couldn’t ask for a refund or move the dates. Then, 10 days before we were due to fly out, the Maldives was put on the Green List. So, we had to go or we would lose the money!”

"Taylor said, ‘Why don’t we just get married out there? Our plans have completely turned upside down, so let’s make the most of it’. And that’s how our original honeymoon became our wedding. Well, how could you say no to a Maldives wedding!”

A dream elopement wedding dress

“At WED2B I chose Sorrento, as I needed something lightweight that didn’t need altering, as time was not on my side,” says Leah. “To put it into perspective, I went to WED2B on Saturday 16th October, and I flew to the Maldives on Tuesday 19th. Then I got married on Saturday 23rd October, exactly one week after choosing my dress!"

“As it was our honeymoon, it was just Taylor and I there. I didn’t originally plan it this way, however it was the best decision we made. Everything just fell into place. And, I hate to say this – but it’s true – it was better than our original wedding plans. The weather was just beautiful at 30℃, even for poor Taylor in his wedding suit. We walked down the white sand aisle together, overlooking the crystal clear blue sea with a band playing in the background. Bliss!”

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