Intimate weddings have grown in popularity over the last few years, and there are plenty of plus sides to keeping things beautifully small. It’s a great way to keep costs down, you can limit the invitations to just the people you really care about and it’s likely to be a much more relaxed day with less planning stress. You can also splash out on the things that really matter to you, such as great food and drink, fabulous music or a breathtaking location.

Our WED2B brides are the experts when it comes to all things wedding, so we’ve asked them what they loved about their micro wedding celebrations. Here’s what they said…

Special personal touches

Ayeasha and Stephen got married in Richmond park with just 12 guests. “Our celebrant personalised our ceremony and we included a hand-fasting ritual, as well as our guests coming up to the mic to tell us why they love us or their favourite memory of us,” says Ayeasha. “It had the whole room in tears and it was just so beautiful to have everyone come up and wish us the best. Later, we all sat together.”

It felt so cosy and intimate to be sat on a long table surrounded by our nearest and dearest, having a meal and listening to the rain around us. I wouldn't have changed it at all.”

Lauren and Michiel married in Lier near Antwerp. “After the ceremony, we had a dinner of winter barbecue food,” says Lauren. “It was with just a small group of family and friends and was super cosy and fun.”

Spending time with loved ones

Fenchi and Dharmesh said, ‘I do’ under a gazebo at the Lakeside Suite in Lutterworth. “I loved the greenery and the gazebo that had a lake with a fountain behind it,” she says.

“The reception room also had a striking glass wall, which you could see the grounds from. The venue made the most beautiful backdrop for my happily ever after.”

Caroline and Niall didn’t originally plan to have a small wedding. “Actually, with just 25 guests, the intimacy was lovely,” says Caroline. “It was wonderful just to spend some relaxed time with our guests, talking the night away.”

All you need is family, friends, music… and cake!

Lisanne and Manuel chose a trendy 19th-century textile factory for their small reception. “We didn’t have a big wedding cake but we had 10 different small cakes instead,” says Lisanne. “We had all our lovely family and friends with us, so we didn’t need any more than that to have a great day. It was very relaxed and beautiful. The best day ever! There’s no need to spend a lot on a wedding. Your family, friends, cake and music is enough for a beautiful day.”

If life changes, change your plans

When Hailey and Kristen found out they were expecting a baby, their plans changed. “We were originally booked for December 2020,” says Hailey. “But when I found out I was expecting, and due by 29th November, we decided to pull everything forward and have just our nearest and dearest there instead. And I’m so glad we did!”

"I really enjoyed having a small wedding ceremony with only close family. I wasn't nervous about the day at all. It might not be for everyone but I really would recommend it.”

And, finally, Izzy and Joseph married in a beautiful garden with close family and friends looking on. “The whole thing was exactly what we wanted, an intimate day full of our favourite friends and family,” says Izzy. “It was absolutely magical.”

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