Monique and Jack embracing on the beach of their wedding venue

Monique and Jack first met in August 2021 in Scheveningen. “We ate at Werelds Restaurant,” says Monique. “This is also where we got married on in September 2022, which was the third marriage for both of us. On our first date we both felt like we were teenagers. We’re normally both so sure of ourselves but, that day, we were both nervous about what the other would think.”

Monique having her make up done for her wedding day
Monique sittng down having her make up complete for her big day

Jack proposed after only six months together. “Jack proposed to me at my home, in front of my (then) six-year-old twin daughters,” says Monique. “It was midnight on 1st January 2022. I felt very uncomfortable, but also happy and honoured.”

Jack getting into his wedding jacket for their wedding day
Jack fastening his brown brogue wedding shoes

Shopping for the dress

Monique visited WED2B’s Arnhem wedding dress store. “I discovered WED2B via Facebook,” she says. “It’s a lovely shop. No appointment needed, plenty of staff who took time for me, beautiful dresses. It was great."

Black and white image of Monique's wedding dress hung up
Black and white image of Monique's wedding shoes

“I chose the Paola mermaid dress. It made me feel like myself and like a beautiful bride. I thought a fitted style wouldn’t suit me, as I’m not slim enough, but the saleswoman picked it anyway. And it felt lovely! It was fitted but then it flared into a train. My three bridesmaids wore WED2B’s Perrie dress.”

Jack helping his flowergirl get into her lace dress
Monique walking to the aisle with her son and 3 flowergirls

A beachside Arnhem wedding

The couple married on Scheveningen Beach, where they had their first date, on 2nd September 2022. “Our first kiss was on the Ferris wheel,” says Monique. “So, we took a lot of photos there. Everything was at the beach restaurant, Werelds. The ceremony, photos, food, party – everything.”

"We had been here many times and it felt like everyone was on holiday for a day. We had lots of compliments from our guests. It was where our relationship began, so it was just wonderful.”

Monique and Jack's beach Hotel wedding venue
Jack walking on the sand to arrive at his wedding ceremony

The big day

“We got ready at the Carlton Beach Hotel, which was close to the wedding venue,” says Monique. “I was with my eldest daughter, my twin seven-year-old daughters, their seven-year-old friend (also a bridesmaid), and a good friend of mine, who is the wife of one of our witnesses.”

A view from the window of the beach and Pier with a Ferris wheel

“The weather was gorgeous. My husband-to-be was waiting for us on the beach, along with all the guests. We played the song ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’. Then I came in with my eldest son, who gave me away, and my three bridesmaids, to ‘Walking on the Water’ by Sita and Marco Borsato.”

Image of two of Monique and Jack's wedding guests

“We were filmed by a lot of people, as it was a beautiful summer day and there were a lot of beachgoers,” says Monique. “My two eldest children were my witnesses (together we have eight children, all grown-up apart from the twins).”

"The most memorable moment was when we saw each other, me with no nerves, just happy and my children holding their proud smiles. My husband had tears in his eyes… that moment was the most beautiful for me.”

Monique and Jack's wedding ceremony on a Beach in Arnhem
Monique placing a ring on Jack's wedding finger during their wedding creremony

A relaxed afterparty

The reception was in the beach pavilion, on a private part of the terrace where people could walk past.

“There were lots of snacks, wedding cake, balloons, flowers, fire tables, benches and a great clown for all the kids (and they also had their own snacks, ice cream, etc),” says Monique.

“Later, we had a luxury barbecue buffet. There was no dancing, it was just a relaxed atmosphere, with only happy people until the late hours. The service was fantastic.”

Monique and Jack holding hands while walkign on the sand
Jack talking to some of his wedding guests as his beach wedding

An informal beach theme

“We had a beach theme, of course,” says Monique. “Other than that, everyone was allowed to wear whatever they wanted. Music was a Spotify playlist made with friends beforehand and our favours were mini bottles of limoncello from our favourite Italian brand. They had ‘Drunk in Love, Mr & Mrs den Ambtman, 2nd September 2022’ on them.”

Monique and Jack's flowergirl's shoes with their flower basket
Monique and Jack's young weddign guest looking at the food to eat

“There were also balloons with white hearts printed on them. The three-tier cake had delicate handmade sugar flowers and a topper that was the black silhouette of a wedding couple, with the bride in a mermaid dress.”

Monique and Jack's wedding cake
Monique and Jack's wedding drink for them and their guests

“Our guest book was a bottle (letter mail bottle) and the guests wrote down wishes for us, then rolled them up with a string to put inside. My bridal bouquet had pink roses, dried flowers and eucalyptus. The girls also had pink roses in their wicker baskets.”

Monique and Jack walkign hand in hand with their flowergirls walking behind

The best bits…

“The most memorable thing was the joy of our guests,” says Monique. “Also, the happiness we felt at the beach. Everything!”

Close up back and white image of Monique and Jack holding hands

My top tips…

"Choose a venue where they really work with you and the owners are also enthusiastic,” says Monique. “Somewhere where you are not just another wedding, but where they want to pamper you.”

Black and white image of Monique and Jack holding hands

Monique and Jack’s Dream Team

Photographer: Stefan van Beek Photography

Arnhem Wedding Venue: Scheveningen Beach Restaurant Werelds

Wedding dresses Arnhem: WED2B

Cake: Patisserie Vermeer

Makeup and hair:

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