It’s nearly Mother’s Day (Sunday 10th March if it’s not already in your calendar) and, if you’re in the midst of organising a wedding, there are plenty of fun ways to include her and make her feel special. Going wedding dress shopping with your mum is also right up there when it comes to lovely mother/daughter moments. Although, it’s not always one that’s completely stress free, depending on your relationship!

That’s why we’ve asked our instore bridal experts to help. They have all the skills when it comes to ensuring a happy dress shopping experience. So, we asked them to share their top tips for making the most of wedding dress shopping with your mum. From managing expectations to making a real day of it, follow their suggestions and we promise you’ll both have a fabulous - and relaxed - day out…

Do some prep beforehand

It’s wise to do a little pre-shopping prep, especially if your mum has strong opinions that often differ from yours. Have a look at dress styles, read our handy guides or even pop in and try a few on (you don’t need an appointment at wed2b). That way you’ll have a rough idea what you like and you can narrow down the choice to a few options that your mum can then give constructive feedback on. 

Chloe revealing herself in her wedding dress to her mum
Chloe and Ed

Manage her expectations

Let her know your style and cut preferences before you shop, so she has a better understanding of what you’re looking for and what styles you do and don’t like. She’ll love feeling involved and it’ll help her pick out the right things for you. Also, if she thinks you’ll look amazing in a sweetheart neckline but you prefer a plunging V neck you can tell her that nicely before you actually set foot instore!

Discuss the budget in advance

Money is always a tricky subject, so it’s a good idea to set it out clearly in advance. If your mum is paying for your dress, make sure you know how much she’s happy to spend (and also be clear that this doesn’t mean she can choose your dress for you!). If you’re paying, let her know your budget, including accessories, so she can help you choose.

Gillian's wedding dress hanging up on the morning of their wedding. Gillian being helped into her wedding dress by her mum.
Gillian and Luke

Enjoy the relaxed set up at wed2b

The wed2b experience is designed to be super relaxed, super fun and super successful! You don’t need to make an appointment, so you can just turn up at the best time for you and your mum (for quieter times try weekdays or late night shopping). Our large spacious changing rooms, comfy seating and hundreds of affordable dresses in every size and style are designed to make your visit totally stress-free. Plus, with dresses from £599 to £899, you’ll easily find something amazing to suit your budget.

It’s all about communication

Tell her how excited you are she’s with you and ask about her wedding dress shopping experience. Let her know you're excited to hear her opinions too, and really value her support. In other words, take time to listen to her thoughts on your dresses, even if you don’t totally agree!

Louise hugging her mum on the morning of her wedding
Louise and Sam

Try something different

Also, try on a few of her suggestions, even if they’re not your thing. You never know, lots of our brides leave wed2b with a totally different style of dress to the one they thought they wanted! However, if you can’t agree on a style, obviously your choice is final. But why not smooth over any differences of opinion by letting your mum have more of an input on something else, such as the flowers or the cake?

Let our instore experts help

Our bridal experts really are adept at making sure both our brides and their loved ones have a great time. They’ve seen it all and have dealt with most wedding dress shopping situations. Plus, they’re great at knowing how to support you, without offending others in your entourage.

Bride posing with her parents and bridesmaid
Tiffany and Nick

Finally, make a day of it!

Why not treat your mum (and yourself) to a Mother’s Day manicure or pedicure beforehand? Also, make sure you both eat something nice, so no-one is 'hangry' when you start dress shopping! Then, once you’ve found your dream dress, you could arrange to go somewhere fun afterwards. Afternoon tea, cocktails or a fancy meal is the perfect way to celebrate in style. Enjoy!

Click here to check out all our affordable dresses, then start planning wedding dress shopping with your mum by finding your nearest wed2b store. Here’s what to expect when you visit, too. Lastly, for more inspiration, check out our Instagram, Facebook or TikTok accounts.